Scripting things is hard if you want a believable game; you have to manually create all of the possible outcomes of all the actions.

Making things work procedurally is always better, and you can tell by looking at's latest trailer, showing off their destructible cars and various maps for you to try it out yourself... Releases Alpha For Car Destruction Game

The game, Drive, doesn't really have any aspects of a game just yet - you can drive yourself around the levels, but there's noone to race with, and no goals. Luckily, there are plenty of hills and rocks that you can smash one of the few cars available onto!

Destruction Physics is where this game will shine, and if you want to have your playtime, look no further than the free demo. Of course, if you want a bit more, you should support the alpha, which will have more maps, cars and features added to it as the game develops. Take a look below:

Can a game just about destroying cars really be this fun? How long will it take before the devs add building destruction too? Tell us your thoughts below!

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