Intel have just released another wave of processors for both their mobile and desktop lines, padding out the i3/i5/i7 series with more processors featuring the HD4000+ integrated graphics.

The Celeron and Pentium lines also got a few more processors, and all of the lines are getting mobile CPUs with the -U and -Y suffix, showing off impressively low thermal design power(TDP)...

Intell Haswell i7 Processor

Of note in the release is that, as of Haswell, all Core i3 processors now support AES instructions, and use the HD 4000+ series of onboard graphics. Combined with that, the i3-43XX series is using a 4MB L3 cache, along with HD 4600 graphics.

On the mobile side, the -U and -Y lines were fleshed out; both sets feature the System on a Chip architecture, with 2 cores - Hyperthreading is also enabled for the Core iX series.

The -U CPUs feature the HD 4400 graphics, which runs at 1100MHz, and range from the 1.4GHz Celeron 2955U all the way up to the Core i7-4600U, running at 2.1GHZ with 3.3GHZ Turbo. All of the -U line runs at just 15W TDP, making them very light for mobile devices.

Not as light as the -Y range however, which runs at a paltry 11.5W. To compensate, the onboard graphics is only an 850MHz HD 4200, with processor speeds ranging from the Pentium 3560Y at 1.2GHz, to the Core i7-4610Y at 1.7GHz (2.9GHz Turbo).

Preliminary pricing puts the -U and -Y lines at a fairly expensive price point, with the cheapest offering (the Celeron 2955U) going for $132; the Core i5-4300Y is priced at $304, a hefty sum. Here's the full list of the released processors:

Mobile Processors:
Celeron 2950M
Celeron 2955U
Celeron 2980U
Pentium 3550M
Pentium 3556U
Pentium 3560Y
Core i3-4000M
Core i3-4005U
Core i3-4012Y
Core i3-4020Y
Core i3-4100M
Core i5-4200H
Core i5-4200M
Core i5-4202Y
Core i5-4210Y
Core i5-4300M
Core i5-4300U
Core i5-4300Y
Core i5-4302Y
Core i5-4330M
Core i7-4600M
Core i7-4600U
Core i7-4610Y
Core i7-4960HQ

Desktop Processors:
Celeron G1620T
Celeron G1630
Pentium G3220
Pentium G3220T
Pentium G3420
Pentium G3420T
Pentium G3430
Core i3-4130
Core i3-4130T
Core i3-4330
Core i3-4330T
Core i3-4340
Core i5-3340
Core i5-3340S
Core i5-4440
Core i5-4440S
Core i7-4771
Xeon E3-1220L v3



Phew, there we go. What do you make of these, any take your fancy?