AMD product manager David Nekechuck has claimed that the company's new flagship GPU will “ridicule” the GeForce GTX Titan.

He stated that, performance wise, the R9 290X will more than compete with rivals Nvidia.

AMD Say R9 290X Will Ridicule Titan

The product manager insisted that the high-end GPU “will definitely compete with the GTX 780 and Titan” even though the R9 290X's 438 square mm die is significantly smaller than the Titan’s 550 sq. mm GK110 offering.

Qualifying his statement in gaming terms, Nekechuck claimed it meant that “with Battlefield 4 running with Mantle (AMD’s new graphics API), the card will be able to ridicule the Titan in terms of performance” and that it will be able to run the game “much faster” than Nvidia's best single GPU offering when using AMD's Mantle API, set to launch in December.

The claim is interesting in light of rumours we reported earlier surrounding the pricing on the AMD card. Although the card won't come cheap (suggestions point to around the $730/£550 mark), that would still make it around 30% cheaper on average than Nvidia's offering. Furthermore, Nekechuck confirmed that AMD does not plan to release single-GPU cards in the same $1000 range as the Titan, as it thinks the market at that level is “too niche”.

Could AMD really offer superior performance for significantly less cash, or is this latest reveal nothing but hot air?