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I can’t even begin to imagine the mental gymnastics required in order to decide this was a good idea, but Microsoft has now begun offering an option for cloud-based Windows 10 S users who upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to downgrade back to Windows 10 S. You know, in case you just can’t stand being able to run win32 applications.
Over the years, Microsoft has done a sterling job of shunning PC when it comes to the Halo series, flinging us the scraps of Halo and Halo 2 years after the fact, and then totally forgetting PC existed for the next decade. That’s all changed since Microsoft’s renewed commitment to PC though, and the knowledge that when Halo 6 does come out, it’ll also be launching on PC alongside Xbox One. Only, don’t get your hopes up for Halo 6 anytime soon. From the sounds of it, we could be a long way off from a Halo 6 reveal.
AMD is allegedly planning to ship its gaming-focused Radeon RX Vega graphics cards boards to AIB partners this week, ahead of a planned launch for the new top-end GPU range at some point during late July / early August.
Total War Warhammer 2 will bring a new continent and islands that will bolt on to the original games campaign map, although it wont be necessary to have the original game. Creative Assembly have released their latest Total Warhammer 2 trailer that flys us over some of the new campaign map and they do a great job of showing us how ambitious part 2 is of TWW.
Blizzard has announced that Diablo 3’s The Rise of the Necromancer expansion  (sorry, ‘content pack’) will be available on June 27th. The add-on’s chief focus is, unsurprisingly, the Necromancer class, master of the arcane blood arts. These Priests of Rathma can raise armies of undead minions to fight by their side.
Nvidia's new Tesla GV100 research paper details specifications of the upcoming Volta chips and by the looks of it, it'll pack quite a game performance punch. First off this Tesla V100 physically very big. A while back, Nvidia showcased one of these chips and its die size was around 815mm², making it one of the biggest GPUs of all time. 
Hey everyone, the Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow, 22nd June, according to our normal Steam news channel err, Paypal. Basically Paypal have brokered a deal with Steam, probably because so many transactions flow through Steam during these sales. And Paypal want to make sure that more of those future transactions come via Paypal. If you use Paypal for your Steam Summer Sale purchases then they will offer up to £5 discount towards your summer sale game purchase.
EA and BioWare are planning to pull a Destiny with Anthem, revealing a 10-year plan for the co-op action game going forward. Talking to Microsoft’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb, Patrick Soderlund of EA said that development on Anthem had been ongoing for four years, and that day one was the beginning of a 10-year journey for the game. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean a series of overpriced, content light expansion packs and a sequel three years down the line.
While Sony’s been busy touting the 4K capabilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro, thanks in large part to its checkerboard rendering techniques. However, despite these sky-high resolutions, Spider-Man on PS4 Pro will only be capable of a locked 30 frames per second when played at 1080p. This is due to CPU bottlenecking, the obvious downfall of both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.
EA has rolled out a fairly major update to its Origin service, introducing new features such as a download speed monitor, frame rate counter, and cross-game party invites. This gets Origin up to near feature parity with some of the other more prominent clients, and it’s actually become quite a slick thing to use over the past few years.
Joes Fares, the Hazelight founder who was up on stage during EA’s E3 2017 press conference to reveal co-op adventure A Way Out, has absolutely laid into Sony’s PlayStation 4 during a recent interview. Fares claims the PlayStation 4 is the equivalent of a five-year-old PC and it’s holding back game developer.