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It's do or die now for the games in the GD Gaming World Cup. We're moving onto the second set of fixtures and those who didn't secure a win in the first round will be desperate for a result here.  For you though, it's three more chances to win our big competition.
We have significantly increased the prize pool for our GD World Cup 2018 gaming giveaway, to help you guys get into the swing of our version of the 2018 World Cup.
EA chief creative officer Patrick Soderlund has not been pulling any punches while talking about the ongoing controversy of female fighters featuring prominently in Battlefield V.
Surprise! Battlefield V is going to be getting a Battle Royale mode, DICE has confirmed on stage during the EA Play press conference. It’ll feature the most destructive environments yet seen in a Battlefield game, as well as all the usual chaotic warfare and vehicular destruction.
Last year, EA smashed out a massive surprise with the reveal of Anthem at E3. At E3 2018, the focus is back on Bioware. Anthem is going to be on display in full force, backed up by the imperious Battlefield V. Both of these games are hugely anticipated, but we don't actually much about either.
UPDATE: Despite EA and DICE putting up the Battlefield V minimum system requirements on the Origin store a fortnight ago, EA community manager Dan Mitre has since confirmed these specs were put up erroneously.
The announcements have been made. The dust has, well, nearly settled, bar a rogue horde who’ve lost all sense of perspective. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V have been revealed to the world. The two biggest first-person shooters on the planet will lock horns in October, their releases dates separated by a handful of days.
DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V will launch in October with just two playable factions. As we saw in the reveal trailer, Battlefield V will feature the British forces for the Allies and the German forces for the Axis. But that’s your lot, at least for launch.
If you saw the reveal of Battlefield V last week, news of its controversy was hard to miss. Not because of anything we saw in regards to gameplay, which probably should’ve been the talking point, but the seemingly widespread anger over the inclusion of female characters in a game which promises to tackle the untold stories of World War 2.
Everyone with even a modicum of taste knows that Battlefield 1942 is the greatest Battlefield of all time, and it seems like Aleksander Grøndal, executive producer at DICE on Battlefield V, agrees.
After the epic fallout surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2, DICE has been forced to have a major think about how it handles monetisation in Battlefield V. They cannot risk another disaster this year, and the word from the Battlefield 5 reveal is that the criticism has been taken on board.