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We're back. After a few months of quiet releases, March is hotting up. Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves and Final Fantasy XV are all releasing on PC within a matter of weeks, and we're giving a copy of one of these games away for free to a GD'er. All you've got to do is get involved in the free game giveaway via any of the options shown below, and you could get your hands on a PC cd key for Sea of Thieves, Far Cry or FFXV!
Pirates DRM crusaders, your luck’s in - Final Fantasy XV will not use the controversial Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM method. Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition’s store page on Steam has been updated with all the launch day guff such as the EULA, and DRM isn’t an issue.
PC players are going to be treated to a Final Fantasy XV PC demo this week, Square Enix has confirmed. The bite-sized portion of its JRPG will be available to download from Monday, February 26th.
Square Enix has been listening to feedback from the recently released Final Fantasy XV PC benchmark and reassured fans that the final game will have plenty of customisable graphics settings
There’s a bit of a storm brewing in regards to the recently released Final Fantasy XV benchmark utility, with many unhappy about the behind-the-scenes focus on Nvidia GameWorks graphical features.
Square Enix recently released the official Final Fantasy XV PC benchmark tool. Anyone can give it a download and test the performance on their PC. At the end, it spits out a number which can then be compared to Square Enix's charge to indicate your expected performance. At first, the number seems fairly useless, but divide it by 100 and you'll have what is roughly your average frames per second.
It's been a quiet few weeks in PC gaming but Square Enix lit the fire last night by releasing the official Final Fantasy XV PC benchmark tool. We've been busy putting it to the test against the trust GeForce GTX 1060 6GB in order to find out just how demanding this game is.
The wait for Final Fantasy XV on PC has been long and arduous, but Square Enix is finally giving us a teaser of what to expect by releasing a Final Fantasy XV PC benchmark utility. It’s the perfect opportunity to benchmark your PC’s performance and get a good idea of how FFXV will run before its March 6th release date.
Games don’t really get more demanding than Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, as the system requirements prove. But just what are you getting for your money when you throw thousands of dollars at Square Enix’s ambitious JRPG? Well, a jaw-droppingly good looking game for one thing, and one which can take advantage of just about every bit of gaming tech you’ve got. If you were in any doubts, Square Enix has dropped a new trailer for FFXV on PC, showing the game running at 4K resolution on the Ultimate graphics setting.
We've had to be patient but Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will finally launch on PC on March 6th, priced at $49.99. It'll be bundled in with every piece of downloadable content, more than 20 in all, which by all accounts makes FFXV an absolutely huge package. By all accounts, it will also look absolutely phenomenal, although visuals this good comes at a hefty price. Take a deep breath, here are the official Final Fantasy XV PC system requirements.
When the PC system requirements for Final Fantasy XV were revealed, it kicked up a right storm on the internet. They were, it's fair to say, dramatically high. Square Enix quickly got out there and said they are subject to change, and those revealed specs were just the ideal hardware to have FFXV looking its finest. A few months have passed and now we have the official Final Fantasy XV PC system requirements. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief.