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Intel has just released its first 3D XPoint SSD card and it turns out this fledgling technology could be quite a big deal. Intel believes it's going to fundamentally change how we build PCs from this moment on. Pronounced '3D cross-point', 3D XPoint is a bit of tech that looks to unite storage and DRAM into a single piece of hardware. The first generation of 3D XPoint runs five times faster than an SSD and stores 10 times as much data as DRAM. These figures are also severely restricted by current interface connections. Unfettered, 3D XPoint can theoretically run 1000x faster than an SSD.
I've  been trying to puzzle out just what Get Even is for years now, but I'll be able to find out for sure once it launches on May 26th. It's from The Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco, and it looks to be some sort of survival horror adventure that's part Condemned, part Saw. You wake up in abandoned mental asylum with a bomb strapped to your chest, not knowing where you are or indeed unable to remember anything at all, except for the missing teenage girl you were looking for.
Kingpin’s legendary overclocking skills regularly border on the ridiculous, but his efforts with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition graphics card are just totally obscene. He’s managed to break the previous world record speed of 2.5 GHz (his own record), ramping a GTX 1080 Ti all the way up to a frighteningly fast 3 GHz. That’s more than double the standard base clock speed of 1480 MHz.
It may still be almost three full weeks until AMD’s Ryzen 5 CPUs launch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on one right now. A few folks over on Reddit are reporting they’ve just managed to walk into some stores and buy their Ryzen processors, with stocks filtering into stores weeks earlier than anticipated.
AMD has just rolled out its latest driver updates, as you may have seen earlier, and tucked into the Linux graphics card drivers is the first signs of Radeon Vega GPU support.
Late last week a promotional slide emerged for the Vulkan graphics API which appeared to confirm multi-GPU would not be supported in Vulkan on Windows 7 or Windows 8. We’ll have to scratch that and take it back, because Khronos Group, the minds behind Vulkan, have issued a statement clarifying that Vulkan multi-GPU support is in fact not exclusive to Windows 10.
TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has announced it will begin 7nm risk production this April. The 7nm fabrication process has been under development at TSMC since early 2014, with TSMC employing a number of innovative technologies such as extreme ultraviolet (EUV) in order to achieve the new process technology.
AMD has caused some major turmoil in the CPU market during the last month or so, significantly undercutting Intel and offering some incredible high-end CPUs for under the $499 price point, as well as Ryzen 5 just around the corner. Don’t think that’s all AMD’s got to offer though, because the latest rumour is AMD is looking at the extreme end of the market with a 16 Core, $999 Ryzen CPU which can conquer all.
Musou fans sit up and take notice - Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is coming to PC on April 28th. Expect slimes, slimes and more slimes. Oh, and sodding great battles with hundreds of on-screen foes. It's that Dynasty Warriors hack 'n' slash you love, mixed with the oddball antics of Dragon Quest. Get ready for its release by checking out the full Dragon Quest heroes II PC system requirements.
I was browsing when I had a moment of existential crisis. I saw just 0.71% of Steam users were gaming at 720p resolution. What the heck have I been doing these 720p benchmarks for all these years? It turns out folks have abandoned 1280 x 720 in droves. In fact, the number of people using 720p monitors has halved in the last month alone. They are a dying breed. RIP in peace, sweet princes.
With all the new hardware that’s available now, we thought it's the perfect time to work on a new GD PC Build Guide 2017. This will be our GD Machine 2017 and during this series of articles we will help each other understand what to look for in your next PC gaming build. The first priority in any build is working out how much you should spend on building a game PC. So lets bring together the incredible minds of the GD community and their computer hardware knowledge, game performance/benchmark know-how to create the ultimate PC build of 2017, with a view to offering us all the best price to performance we can find for our money.