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Samsung has announced its first DDR5 memory chip, although the technology is still a fair way from coming to store shelves. The Samsung 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM is specifically engineered for low-power usage, making it an excellent fit for 5G and AI-powered mobile applications, but it’s not quite the full-fat DDR5 DRAM we’re after for desktop applications.
The quality of graphics card drivers has long been a point of contention for AMD and Nvidia fans. For a long time, Nvidia was cranking out GPU drivers at a rate that AMD could only dream of, meeting each and every AAA release with a dedicated driver that would optimise performance. A few years ago though, AMD caught up, both in terms of regularity and feature parity, and the two GPU giants are neck and neck once more.
Ladies and gents, start your engines, the PC system requirements for F1 2018 have been revealed. Codemasters' gloriously good-looking digital recreation of one of the world's fastest motorsports revels in the attention to detail. Fortunately, immersing yourself in the thrills of F1 2018 doesn't require forking out the cash for a Ferrari. PC gamers can play F1 2018 and race around Monaco for a far more reasonable cost.
It’s a debate more well-worn than Gandhi's flip flops but a lot’s changed in recent months and years. Nvidia has, well, made a few less-than-popular decisions in terms of consumers and its partners. Anecdotally, it feels as if the events of this year have done Nvidia more harm than good, although there’s a world of difference between consumers voicing on displeasure and actively acting upon that displeasure.
It was about this time last year that I pretty much abandoned doing 720p gaming benchmarks. After looking into the data for the resolutions used by PC gamers in 2017, it appeared 1280 x 720 was used by a fairly miniscule portion of the PC gaming community. A year later that trend has continued. Just 0.41% of gamers on Steam are running at 720p, and 1080p is absolutely the de facto standard.
With the next-generation GPUs right around the corner, the graphics card rumours are flying thick and fast right now. The latest, from DigiTimes, suggests that Nvidia has been busy stockpiling a mammoth supply of one million next-gen Geforce Gaming GPUs in preparation for a huge launch.
You’ll have to forgive us for being a little bit suspicious, but laptop-focused hardware site LaptopMedia is claiming that Lenovo has confirmed the upcoming Lenovo Legion Y530 revision will feature an unannounced Nvidia GeForce GTX 1160 6GB GPU.
If you’re thinking about picking up a budget-priced GeForce GT 1030, you’d best take a long hard look at which version it is before splashing the cash. Back in April, Nvidia quietly unveiled a new range of GeForce GT 1030 GPUs that looked to be phasing out the current crop of GeForce GT 1030 graphics cards already on store shelves. The difference? The new GT 1030’s are equipped with much slower DDR4 memory rather than GDDR5.
Intel appears to have inadvertently confirmed the existence of its upcoming 9th generation Core CPUs. Intel Core 9th-Gen processors were listed in the documentation for microcode update guidance for the Spectre CPU vulnerability.
100 post-apocalyptic psychopaths drop into a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl. Only one can make it alive. Fear the Wolves is that familiar battle royale formula we've come to know and either love or hate, this time with  STALKER-tinged twist. The 25km2 map is riddled with anomalies and mutated wildlife, and the only way to succeed is to win the race to the extraction helicopter. But forget about winning your 100-person deathmatch for now, in order to even stand a chance you'll need to meet the minimum specs for Fear the Wolves.