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Watch out Farm Sim, there's a new haybale-hurling contender to your agricultural crown. Pure Farming 2018 is one of the first games to be published by Techland, they of Dying Light fame, and it promises to be a hardcore simulation of modern farming. PF2018 covers four continents, hundreds of crops, dozens of tractors and a spot of animal husbandry. It promises to a game worth chicken out for farm sim fans and it's out on March 13th next year. If you know your blob marker from your gimmer, then be sure to check out these Pure Farming 2018 system requirements.
Remember that game that THQ Nordic was teasing ahead of The Game Awards? Well, it wasn’t Jagged Alliance, despite the strong rumours. Instead, it was Fade to Silence, an ambitious open-world, single-player RPG set during an unrelenting winter with Eldritch horrors lurking just out of sight. It’s actually looking pretty neat, and the best bit is it’s out in Early Access right now.
In celebration of all things festive, we thought there was no better way to salute some of 2017's biggest games than some good old-fashioned fisticuffs. A digital Russian roulette. 12 of this year's most memorable titles are going head to head in a series of knockout rounds over the next 9 days, and there can be only one winner.
Nvidia’s ridiculously expensive, astonishingly powerful Titan V graphics card certainly turned a few heads when it was released before the weekend. $2999 is a lot of money though, and is this a graphics card purely aimed at the workstation market? Well, the first performance benchmarks are out, courtesy of a Reddit user by the name of 'MrOmgWtfHaxor'.
Nvidia’s just dropped a bit of a bomb, revealing the new Nvidia Titan V, the new most powerful graphics card in the world. It’s the first consumer-grade GPU to be built on the Volta architecture, offering unparalleled compute performance. As of 2017, The Nvidia Titan V is the fastest consumer graphics card in the world.
Update - Dec 6th - AMD has published a statement regarding the recent surreptitious launch of its new cut-down Radeon RX 560 graphics cards. On many storefronts these graphics cards are being sold under the exact same name as the standard Radeon RX 560 despite feature 896 Stream Processors versus 1024 Stream Processors on the previous model.
Intel’s CPU roadmap has been leaked online, revealing Intel's processor plans from now through until the tail end of 2018. The big disappointment for those expecting a major evolution next year is that there will be no Ice Lake or 10nm CPUs in 2018.
This is all a bit tangential to PC gaming, but Nvidia researchers have been busy showing off the capabilities of its AI Deep Learning systems, demonstrating how its AI can now take footage filmed in winter and transform it into summer, or take a video of a sunny day and make it appear as if it’s raining.
Nvidia’s discrete graphics card sales continue to be on the up and up according to data published by Jon Peddie Research, increasing Team Green’s overall share of the market to 72.8% in Q3 2017. Meanwhile, AMD saw its fortunes slip slightly after the launch of its Vega GPUs. Vega’s proven decent but not impressive when stacked up against the competition, no doubt contributing to AMD’s overall market share slipping slightly, falling 3% to 27.2%.
We all know AMD is currently beavering away on its next generation of Navi graphics cards for launch in 2018, but the rumour mill has been fired into action in regards to AMD utilising the upcoming GDDR6 video memory standard in addition to HBM2 or, potentially, even the rumour HBM3.
Much has been made of the cryptocurrency mining craze, which has recently seen the value of Bitcoin balloon past $10,000 for a single coin. Its effect on demand for graphics card hardware has been keenly felt, with prices skyrocketing throughout 2017 as miners seek the best bang for their buck. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su though, demand for GPUs from cryptocurrency miners is actually a "very small percentage" of AMD’s overall business, clocking in at single digits.