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The Evil Within 2 is out now and in PC gamers’ hands, and the initial response to performance is a little worrying. There are plenty of complaints out there about poor PC performance optimisation for The Evil Within 2, and Nvidia has kind of hit the nail on the head by recommending the high-end GeForce GTX 1070 for playing TEW2 at 1080p/High.
The system requirements for Destiny 2 were released for the beta back in August, but Bungie has now updated them with the final specs. There are a few tiny tweaks here but nothing major, so you can expect performance to be on par with what you played in the Destiny 2 beta (if you played it). If you didn't, rest assured it ran smoothly and looked great.
While early adopters have been paying through the nose to experience virtual reality from the ground floor up this past 18 months or so, the price of VR is now gradually creeping into the realms of affordability for the rest of us. Oculus has now announced the Oculus Rift plus a pair of Oculus Touch controllers has been reduced permanently down to $399, compared to its peak of $878 last year.
Game director Hajime Tabata has spoken up about the ease of developing Final Fantasy XV on PC compared to consoles, claiming the console version was “100 times more difficult” to develop.
Futuremark’s just release its 3DMark Time Spy Extreme 4K DirectX 12 benchmark specifically designed to test high-end desktop gaming performance. For those who want to prove their rig’s the best, it promises to be the ultimate test of raw gaming performance.
Well, uh, that excitement didn't last long. It turns out the leaked Intel slide is nothing to do with Radeon RX Vega at all. In fact, it's not even a slide. It's actually part of an Intel employee recognition program that takes place around their HQ, and this particular image is of none other than Mr Vega, an Intel employee. Quite the coincidence. 
Seagate has dropped a bomb among the consumer hard drive sector, releasing a trio of mass storage 12TB Helium HDD’s with price tags that won’t make your eyes water quite so much.
Fans of data crunching, rejoice - the EEDAR presentation from GDC 2017 has been publicly released, providing some fantastic statistical analysis of the state of the gaming market. It encompasses everything from sales of hardware to a breakdown of a shift to digital spending, publishers trimming their number of releases and the rise and rise of free-to-play among PC gamers.
AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64 may be significantly weaker than the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti on paper, but that hasn’t stopped it absolutely gazumping Nvidia’s flagship during Forza Motorsport 7 benchmarks. Some stellar work on optimisation within’s AMD’s latest 17.9.3 Crimson driver release has seen its RX Vega graphics cards race into the lead.
Toshiba has sold off its memory production division in a huge $17.7 billion deal. Shareholders gave the go-ahead for the deal, allowing Toshiba to offload its chip division to the Bain Capital-led consortium.
Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has publicly declared that Moore’s Law is dead during a talk at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2017 in Beijing. Moore’s Law has held firm since Gordon Moore first laid down his prediction in 1965, claiming that transistor density would double every two years. Not anymore, according to Huang, who’s already sounding the death knell by claiming GPUs will soon replace CPUs entirely.