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While a fair few of us just sit around stuffing our faces with chocolatey eggs as if tooth decay is a medieval myth, the hard-working folks at Warhorse are actually so immersed in the medieval lifestyle they’ve found time for a new Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch.
The Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod scene is rapidly coming alive and, in among all the usual nude mods, there’s a little something for the masochistic among us - the Kingdom Come Deliverance Ultimate Realism Overhaul.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s slow, steady march from an excellent but terribly buggy game to just plain old excellent continues this week. After last week’s 1.3 patch, Kingdom Come director Daniel Vavre has said Warhorse is already working on update 1.4, this time with improved optimisation for multi-core CPU support.
Warhorse’s eagerly anticipated version 1.3 patch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has arrived, packing in a hefty list of fixes and tweaks that should iron out some of the game’s many teething problems.
Kingdom Come Deliverance has been out for a week now, and it’s also been rather well, flying high at the top of the Steam charts. It’s not a game without a giant scroll of issues though, which Warhorse is now working overtime to fix across all three platforms.
While the game is wholly ambitious and easy on the eye to boot, it would be fair to say Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t without its fair share of performance issues. Frame rate drops and general performance dips are commonplace both indoors and at night time, likely caused by Kingdom Come’s demanding lighting system.
It's not often we get a CryEngine graphical powerhouse come our way but Kingdom Come: Deliverance delivers in spades. This is a gorgeous open-world RPG that is the visual equal of just about any other. Be warned though, it's not exactly a game that's easy to run. Here we take a look at Kingdom Come: Deliverance with a series of benchmarks, performance and graphical analyses, and Low v Ultra comparison screens.
Despite Warhorse saying otherwise, Kingdom Come Deliverance has a 60 FPS frame rate cap in place on launch day. If you were wondering how to remove the frame rate cap in Kingdom Come: Deliverance there is a simple solution.
After a quiet start to the year of PC gaming, Warhorse Studios is delivering one of the most anticipated RPG's of 2018 with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Built on the powerful CryEngine, it's indisputably gorgeous. As I can attest to having tried to run Kingdom Come on a GeForce GTX 970 though, getting a stable frame rate isn't easy. Fortunately, once you identify which graphics options in Kingdom Come Deliverance are the most demanding, this all becomes much easier.
As we found out for ourselves, Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes with a huge day one patch. 23GB, to be precise, which is pretty much the same size as the full game. If you’re planning on picking up a physical copy of Kingdom Come on PC, PS4 or Xbox One, suffice to say you’ve got a big wait on your hands until you can actually play the game.
We’re getting deliciously close to Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s launch now, and the hype train is gathering some serious steam. A brooding new trailer has been revealed for the medieval RPG, showcasing Kingdom Come’s stunning world design and one-of-a-kind atmosphere that could end up being very special indeed.