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Does anyone remember Middle-earth: Shadow of War? Mmm. That game came and went quicker than Trump’s toupee in a stiff breeze, but Monolith has endured and is planning on releasing the final story expansion on May 18th.
In a remarkably convenient change of heart, Monolith and Warner Bros have announced that all microtransactions will be removed from Middle-earth: Shadow of War in a free update in July. The ability to buy Shadow of War’s in-game Gold currency will cease on May 8th, paving the way for the full removal of Gold, War Chests and the in-game Market on July 17th. Players have up until then to spend their Gold, while any remaining Gold will be converted into in-game items for Shadow of War.
Warner Bros got Middle-Earth: Shadow of War out the door last week, and of course it hasn’t taken them long to announce a hefty season pass and all the associated goodies. That’s for those who make it through the grindy end-game and are still thirsting for more action in Mordor.
It's once more into the breach with Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It's a little bit like Total War, but instead of clicking from atop the clouds, you're right down in the thick of it, dealing death and destruction to any Uruk-hai that may stand in your way. It's vast, it's gorgeous, but does Shadow of War run well on PC? Let's find out in our Middle Earth Shadow of War PC Performance Report.
Denuvo’s march to the grave continues unabated - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the latest to crumble to hackers within a day of its launch. Shadow of War’s Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM has already been busted wide open, becoming the third game in a fortnight to be cracked with just a day. The other two games were FIFA 18 and Total War: Warhammer 2.
The GD community's Game of the Year 2014 is back. A lot changes in three years though, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War arrives atop a wave of concern regarding loot crates, microtransactions and a sexy Shelob. We'll put that aside for now though and get down to the nitty gritty with Shadow of War's PC graphics settings.
Manipulating dozy Orcs to join your side is part and parcel of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, allowing players to build up an empire of baddies with which to become the Lord of Mordor. They’re not all just common or garden Orcs though, with several distinct tribes to recruit, including the newly revealed Dark Tribe. Shadow of War’s Dark Tribe is a group of Orcs who specialise in stealth and assassination. They’re Mordor’s Dark Brotherhood essentially, and they can be hired to ally to your cause.
Warner Bros has released a new teaser for the upcoming Middle-Earth instalment, showcasing a new Orcs faction. These orcs are known as the Marauders, which feast on and pillage the lands of Mordor. They certainly look like a force to be reckoned with. Made up by enormous hulking, muscle bound brutes wearing sophisticated armor. They seem to possess that usual orc trait of blind focus on fighting and destruction. Pair all that with the trailers music and I would say it's a pretty slick intro for the Mauraders of Mordor.
Monolith and publisher Warner Bros have announced the ‘Market’ for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, an in-game store where players can buy randomised Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles for real cash monies in their single-player game. Inside these chests, players can unlock rare weapons and armour, new Orc followers to help build an army, and Training Orders to level up and customise Orc followers.
Monolith has been busy showing off its latest build of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, streaming a new segment in which Talion is tracking Carnan, a beast of nature who inhabits the souls of wild creatures. It all looks pretty lovely, but was interesting about the video was it provided our first look at Middle-Earth: Shadow of War's PC graphics settings, and also clued us in that it was a GeForce Titan X (Pascal) that was smashing the 4K performance.
Sound the Tolkien nerd klaxon - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s first story trailer is out, and it’s a humdinger. Monolith has been working backwards from the usual trailer hijinks, showing us hours of gameplay yet not a whisper of story details. It’s all been laid bare now though, showcasing Talion and Celebrimbor’s latest tale of revenge, betrayal, and absolute stoicism.