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(Nothing in this review takes into account the MYGM or MYLEAGUE modes of the game which are still playable in both online and offline modes. This is exclusively concerning the MyCareer [Road to 99] mode)
After NBA 2K18 by all accounts ended up turning into a microtransaction-filled mess, attention has inevitably turned to the upcoming WWE 2K18. Good news - there will be no paid microtransactions in WWE 2K18.
Laces up, it's time for another season of shooting hoops. NBA 2K18's back after a brief time out, this time with revamped visuals, a story-driven manager mode, and of course the latest rosters. If you love the sight of bouncing balls, look no further than NBA 2K18. A new outing means new specs though, so if you're preparing to step onto the court next week, here are the official NBA 2K18 PC system requirements.