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Avast ye salty sea dogs, Sea of Thieves’ maiden voyage is almost upon us. Sea of Thieves will launch on PC and Xbox One this coming Tuesday, March 20th. If you’re interested in its pirate shenanigans and you also didn’t get into one of its countless beta tests, Sea of Thieves is an MMO-lite at heart.
Ahar it be peg leg time. AMD’s gearing up for next month’s release of Sea of Thieves in record time, commandeering the good ship Radeon and dropping a new Adrenalin Edition 18.2.3 graphics card driver.
We're back. After a few months of quiet releases, March is hotting up. Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves and Final Fantasy XV are all releasing on PC within a matter of weeks, and we're giving a copy of one of these games away for free to a GD'er. All you've got to do is get involved in the free game giveaway via any of the options shown below, and you could get your hands on a PC cd key for Sea of Thieves, Far Cry or FFXV!
A whole heap of info on Sea of Thieves has emerged today after a preview embargo lifted. First and foremost, Rare has confirmed that Sea of Thieves will never have loot crates, ironically enough.
After some lengthy closed alphas and beta tests, Rare has revealed the final system specs for Sea of Thieves on PC. It's pretty clear Rare has been harvesting all the performance data from PC players during these tests, providing extensive system requirements for Sea of Thieves ahead of its March 20th release date.
We’ve stocked up on rum, snagged a parrot from the pet shop, and hacked off a leg, replaced with a wooden banister we found in a skip. We’re ship shape and Bristol fashion, in other words, and ready to sail. The Sea of Thieves closed beta test is taking place later this month, ironing out the final wrinkles (winkles?) as we barrel towards the March 20th release date.
Ahoy there, step up to the gangplank you land loving lubbers, for Sea of Thieves is soon to set sail. Tucked away in The Game Awards, Rare revealed to the world that Sea of Thieves will launch on March 20, 2018, for PC and Xbox One.
Aaargh me landlubbers, it's time to pour yourself a flagon of that fine grog and settle down for Sea of Thieves minimum system requirements. Rare has revealed the minimum specs over the Sea of Thieves forum. It's worth bearing in mind they're subject to change, but these are the requirements Rare is aiming for with Sea of Thieves.
Rare’s Sea of Thieves is one of gaming’s biggest enigmas right now. The once legendary development studio has largely fallen by the wayside since that dramatic $375 million acquisition by Microsoft, but there’s the inkling they could be back onto something special with its grog-fuelled pirate-em-up. Rare has opened up a little about its long term plans for the series, which includes a Destiny-style stream of additional content and updates for “years and years.”
As anyone with even a modicum of taste will tell you, any game with realistically rendered oceans immediately transcends gaming into art. Just look at Sea of Thieves’ E3 presence, which was chock full of blustery gales, atmospheric storms and waves buffeting a creaking ship. Rare’s come a long way since Banjo’s boggly eyes. Anyway, there’s a new behind-the-scenes trailer out for Sea of Thieves and it’s all about the storms Rare are concocting.
I could watch hours of Rare’s Sea of Thieves and still not know what the hell it’s all about. What I do know is I enjoy watching its nautical goodness. It’s all sea shanties, grog swilling, treasure hunting, ghost vessels and sinking ships. There’s a new gameplay video out showing a full crew heading to the high seas armed with a treasure map and accordions. Before they know it they’re in a pitched sea battle plugging holes in a sinking ship.