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EA seems to have had an incredible moment of self-awareness, admitting that “it’s clear to us that players see the company differently than we do.” I think that probably deserves the slowest of claps.
I know a lot of people have been missing their microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II but fret not, they’re going to be back in next week. The free Night on Endor updates arrives on April 18th, reintroducing the controversial ‘Crystals’ currency that can be bought in packs with real cash. Crucially though, these Crystals can only be spent on Cosmetics now rather than the stat-boosting Star Cards.
They’ve taken their sweet ass time about it, but DICE has finally unveiled the revamped progression system for Star Wars Battlefront 2. And, well, it really doesn’t sound too bad at all. Yes, microtransactions are still in, but now they’re only going to be used for purchasing cosmetic items that can also be earned the old-fashion way, through normal gameplay for maximum pride and accomplishment.
Star Wars Battlefront 2’s sales have fallen considerably below EA’s own expectations, CFO Blake Jorgensen has revealed. During the third quarter of FY2018, EA had hoped to sell at least 10 million copies of Battlefront 2, yet missed out on this target by three million units, with a grand total of 7 million copies sold.
EA and DICE have reassured fans that a revamped progression system for Star Wars Battlefront II is inbound, but it’s going to be a while until we see it. DICE has said it’s been gathering player feedback and will implement significant changes to progression that “will address many of the things we’ve seen players asking for.” Pink Darth Vader, anyone?
Controversy? What controversy? Just three months after the Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransaction controversy, Electronic Arts’ share value has returned back to where it was before Battlefront 2 launched.
It’s been a good run, but Denuvo Anti-Tamper’s latest version 4.8 as at last been cracked. A cracking group has confirmed Denuvo 4.8’s copy protection on Sonic Forces has been broken. I expect people who have more free time than sense must be queuing up to play Sega’s latest botched 3D platformer.
Star Wars Battlefront 2’s 1.0 patch has arrived, which in development terms means it’s complete and ready for release. Oh wait, it’s launch was a month ago. Peculiar patch conventions aside, this update for Battlefront 2 is designed to tie in with Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, which is hitting silver screens around the globe right about now.
At long last the US NPS sales figures are out for November, revealing just how big an impact the loot crate controversy had on Star Wars Battlefront 2’s sales across the pond. The news isn’t good, if you happen to be an EA shareholder. Battlefront 2 shifted just 882,000 physical copies during its opening month, coming in at around a fifth of Call of Duty: WWII’s opening month sales of 4.4 million.
Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransaction saga rumbles on in fine style today with DICE implementing the first round of changes since unceremoniously removing microtransactions from the game just hours ahead of launch.
Some industrious Star Wars Battlefront 2 players have been busy creating their own DIY robotics in order to beat the game’s harsh unlock system. They’re using everything from bog-standard elastic bands to the sort of project that would’ve got me an A* in Design & Technology at school, tricking Battlefront 2 into believing there’s an actual player at the helm while the Credits rack up.