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We’re barrelling towards the June 5th release of Vampyr, one of the most hotly anticipated games of the summer. Focus Home Interactive has shared a new video featuring a massive 55 minutes of uncut gameplay with developer commentary provided by Dontnod.
It's a crying shame we've never got a sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade -Bloodlines, but in the meantime, Life is Strange developer Dontnod is hoping to fill the void with Vampyr, a narrative-driven action-RPG set in 1918 London that places the emphasis on player choice. There's plenty of potential in this one, but will you need a human blood sacrifice to the dark gods to run it? Here are the official Vampyr PC system specs.
Everything’s all gone a bit muted on Dontnod’s Vampyr since the first round of previews were a little bit tepid, but they’ve had a few months to smooth out the rough edges and now we’re just over four weeks from launch.
Dontnod’s weekly Vampyr web series has drawn to a close, revealing what we’d all been hoping for - Vampyr’s official release date. Sharpen those fangs ladies and gents, for Vampyr will be with us on June 5th, 2018.
Yet more Vampyr? Don’t mind if I do. Dontnod has welcomed us into its house once more, this time taking a look at what it means to take a life in Vampyr. The RPG promises to be a far cry from the brainless killing of your typical shooter; every life taken has a consequence and will potentially affect how the narrative unfolds.
Dontnod has released the second of its weekly web series about Vampyr, its upcoming sanguine-drenched vampiric RPG set in the plague-filled streets of London, 1918. This time around it’s about the world itself, and how Dontnod used a combination of visuals and foreboding audio to bring 1918 London to life.
Looking for all the world like a sleeper hit, Life is Strange developer Dontnod is delving into the inner workings of its bloodsucking RPG Vampyr through a weekly web series. We get a little peek into the creative process going into Vampyr, beginning with Making Monsters, an insight into protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid, a surgeon trying to save lives on the wretched, plague-ridden streets of 1918 London, while simultaneously quenching his thirst for blood.
In a bit of a break from the norm, Dontnod’s upcoming bloodsucking RPG Vampyr won’t have any DLC or microtransactions whatsoever. In fact, the Life is Strange developer has said it would rather release a sequel than trying to cash in with non-essential add-ons.
Vampyr, Dontnod’s promising World War One-era vampire RPG set on the disease-ridden streets of London, has been delayed until Spring 2018 Vampyr is as-near-as-dammit as we seem to be getting to a Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines sequel, offering up a deep, interconnected world of citizens that react based on your choices. As Dr. Jonathan Reid, the player faces the moral dilemma of saving London’s flu-ravaged inhabitants while simultaneously feasting on their blood to survive.
After their sterling work with Life is Strange, Dontnod effectively gets a free from me and I’ll be hyped whatever it is. Their next project, Vampyr, takes an altogether more bloodthirsty tack. Out goes teen drama and twee indie folk albums, in comes a bloodsucking crawl through the filthy streets of London circa World War One.
Dontnod has no time for festivities. While we gear up for the holidays, the ambitious French developer has put together a bloodcurdling new trailer for Vampyr, its upcoming action RPG set in Gothic London during 1918. In it you play as Dr Jonathan Reid, a surgeon who has become struck with vampirism. The Darkness Within trailer isn’t concerned with him however, but rather the other inhabitants who walk the city, each with a unique backstory and lives to live. Each citizen you kill to quench your thirst for blood will twist the narrative, and after the sublime Life is Strange we don’t have reason to doubt Dontnod’s claim.