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Resident Evil 2 is back. It's been over twenty years since arguably the greatest game in the series graced us with its presence, and Resident Evil 2 Remake is ripping up the rulebook with a total overhaul. RE2 Remake features a new engine, a new behind-the-character camera, and reworked gameplay segments.
Life is Strange developer Dontnod landed with a splash back at E3 last week. We're just a few weeks on from Vampyr's launch but already they were keen to tease Life is Strange 2. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit isn't Life is Strange 2. But, it is connected, and some of the characters will appear in LiS2. The best bit though is that The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is out next week and it's also going to be totally free. Here are the PC specs needed to run Captain Spirit.
Outside of the hardcore FGC, SoulCalibur is one of the most beloved fighting game franchises around. It's accessible yet deep, and each outing typically comes with a solid single-player offering. SoulCalibur VI is the first game in the series to come to PC, packing 4K support, the best visuals around, and the capability for a rock-solid 60 frames per second. But what do PC gaming hardware do you need to run SoulCalibur VI? Let's find out.
UPDATE: Despite EA and DICE putting up the Battlefield V minimum system requirements on the Origin store a fortnight ago, EA community manager Dan Mitre has since confirmed these specs were put up erroneously.
Our favourite follicly challenged assassin is back. IO Interactive announced Hitman 2 in a pre-E3 reveal, taking Agent 47 on a globe-trotting jaunt to rid the world of extravagantly rich folks in exchange for cold, hard, cash. Hitman 2 runs on the same Glacier engine as Hitman: Season One, but how have the system specs change in the intervening two years? Let's find out. 
Thanks to Nvidia, we've got the full system requirements for next week's Jurassic World Evolution. Last time around we only had the minimum specs but now we've got the recommended PC hardware for JW: Evolution. As expected, they fall closely in line with Frontier's other management sim, Planet Coaster. We've added the full system requirements to the original article below.
The Crew 2 is kicking off a large-scale beta test at the end of this month and in the meantime, Ubisoft has revealed the official PC system requirements for its massive open-world racer. For the first time in the series, players can take to land, sea, and air, for racing hijinks, both online and offline. Flying a high-speed jet through a packed city surely doesn't take it easy on your graphics hardware though. Here's what you'll need to run The Crew 2 on PC.
It's a crying shame we've never got a sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade -Bloodlines, but in the meantime, Life is Strange developer Dontnod is hoping to fill the void with Vampyr, a narrative-driven action-RPG set in 1918 London that places the emphasis on player choice. There's plenty of potential in this one, but will you need a human blood sacrifice to the dark gods to run it? Here are the official Vampyr PC system specs.
PC gamers are set to get a steep discount on Dark Souls Remastered, Bandai Namco has announced, alongside revealing the PC system requirements.
Lawbreakers was sadly one of the lowest profile failures of 2017. It was a decent game that arrived with all the impact of a gone off banana thrown with a broken wrist. After several attempts to get its heart pumping again, development was canceled last week. And here we are, four days later, and develop Boss Key Studios has announced its new project - Radical Heights. It's a free-to-play 80's game show-themed battle royale shooter, seemingly laser targeted at today's hottest gaming trends. Too little too late? We'll have to find out.
When folks cry out for a AAA, lengthy, and immersive game to sell VR, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR has to be near the top of the pile for games that could reasonably be ported to VR. By all accounts, Skyrim VR is absolutely fantastic on PC. It includes all of the released expansions for potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay, but this time players can actually exist within this scarily huge world. If you've got an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and are planning to give Skyrim VR a go though, beware some incredibly demanding system requirements.