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Italian outfit Milestone has long made a name for itself thanks to the MotoGP racing series, the one-stop shop for all things motorbike racing. Now it's trying its hand at an entirely different arena of racing with Gravel, an off-road racer created in Unreal Engine 4 featuring Cross Country, Wild Rushes, Stadium and Speed Cross disciplines. Milestone promises carnage will ensure in Gravel, but will the official system requirements drive your PC into dangerous territory? Let's find out.
2004 was a glorious year. Battlefield Vietnam arrived, and I must've wasted months of my time that should probably have been better spent studying. But who wants to read textbooks when you could be creeping through the jungle laying traps, or piloting a Cobra while Credence Clearwater Revival blares out. There's been nothing else quite like it since, but Rising Storm 2: Vietnam hopes to fill that Viet Cong-shaped hole. After a substantial period of development (aided by the success of Rising Storm), Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be with us this summer. Here are the official PC specs for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.
We're just over a week away from the Prey reboot's launch, so we were a little concerned when we still didn't have system requirements, particularly after Arkane decided to skip a PC demo. They're out now though, and just in the nick of time. Should you want to scare yourself witless in the depths of space, here's the specs you'll need to run Prey (2017) on PC.
Riding through this world all alone, God takes your soul, you’re on your own; the crow flies straight, a perfect li-wah, where was I. Ah it's MotoGP 17 time, a chance for us to relive our dreams of mounting 350 pounds of metal, with 250HP tucked between our legs, grazing our knees as we bundle around corners. Few motorbiking games quite nail the feeling like MotoGP, and MotoGP 17 looks to improve on everything that came before, as well as including the full 2017 MotoGP track and rider list. Be warned though, MotoGP 17 is no slouch in the system requirements department.
Oh boy. After the excruciating torment of getting through Outlast, I'd thought I'd seen the last of its diabolical ways. But alas, it's back and looking more terrifying than ever; a tale of killer villagers, horrendous inbreeding, and some good old fashioned fisticuffs between good and evil. No, I'm not talking about Midsomer Murders, but Outlast 2. It's slicing its way onto PC next week, here are Outlast 2's official PC system requirementsc so you can make sure you're good and ready for the horror show.
In a promising indication of Microsoft’s potential future plans, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is coming to Steam this week. Originally bundled in with Halo Wars 2 as a Windows 10 Store exclusive, Microsoft has loosened the shackles and allowed its most iconic brand onto the Steam store.
There's a bit of buzz surrounding Rime right now. The studio behind Deadlight has been beavering away on this sun-dappled third-person adventure game for the best part of five years now, and it shows. Parallels have already been drawn with Sony Japan's Ico series. Those particular games have never appeared on PC though, so Rime promises to be quite a treat. Rime is much better looking than your typical indie game though, so don't go expecting you can run it on a calculator like Super Meat Boy. Here's the official Rime PC system specs so you can find out if it runs on your system.
Bayonetta is out on Steam today at 16:00PM BST, bringing SEGA and PlatinumGames critically acclaimed action game to PC with 4K support and additional advanced graphics options. It should mean Bayonetta will look better than ever, complete with a higher frame rate.
Just in case you missed it, the Total War announcement Creative Assembly has been teasing for the past week is in fact Total War: Warhammer 2. Sorry history fans, CA is doubling down on Games Workshops unique blend of swords, sorcery and abject misery. In a bit of a change for Total War games however, Total War: Warhammer II is both a standalone game and an expansion pack which bolts onto the original, doubling the size of the available landmass and adding four new playable races.
Dirt Rally came along last year and sated the petrol-lust of some of the purer Colin McRae fans, although plenty still missed the classic Dirt series over-the-top racing and blaring attitude. Codemasters was evidently listening because Dirt 4 is revving up on the starting grid come June 6th. It promises to be off-road racing next to the next level, packing in a near infinite variety of tracks thanks to the Your Stage feature. It's basically Worms level generator for cars. Dirt 4 promises to be some high-octane fun, and here's the official PC specs for Dirt 4.
I've  been trying to puzzle out just what Get Even is for years now, but I'll be able to find out for sure once it launches on May 26th. It's from The Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco, and it looks to be some sort of survival horror adventure that's part Condemned, part Saw. You wake up in abandoned mental asylum with a bomb strapped to your chest, not knowing where you are or indeed unable to remember anything at all, except for the missing teenage girl you were looking for.