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Lowspecgamer9 avatar

I have create a Gamer Group on Whatsapp For people who are interested Message me

14:13 24-May
GreedyMuffin avatar

Sold my 980s for 800 a week ago, i could get 2x for 500 now, should i just get 2x instead of waiting for 1080Ti?


13:41 24-May
Irtesam avatar

A formal request to everyone: I am writing an article about how Silicon Valley(the show) is addressing major issues in the tech industry and if anyone can tell me about any recent layoffs in major tech companies apart from intel that would be much appreciated.

10:37 24-May
engbuilder avatar

so after months of my CPU cooler sounding like a poorly greased door, I replaced it with an updated model (same Zalman CNPS 8900) and it is massively more quite and cooler, thank you saw tooth fan blades and a better motor

06:24 24-May
engbuilder avatar

TheMagicGuy what card do you have?

06:21 24-May
TheMagicGuy avatar

Yay rip my graphics card temporarily while the driver refuses to let it clock accordingly and therefore actually be useful. Guess tomorrow will be dedicated to getting that fixed… ughhh.

23:21 23-May
yiannis2000 avatar

Who else is excited for Overwatch? :D
Currently #1 on my wishlist with Battlefield 1 following it. I played the beta and I must say, it's hands down the best beta I've played to date, with no exaggerations. Not only they gave you all the maps the game had to offer, the Framerate was excellent and stable, the graphics were really enjoyable to the eye. The characters are mostly balanced and it's generally a fun experience. It has everything that TF2 was missing on for me. Agree/disagree and why? :D

20:58 23-May
WhiteFangSupreme avatar

The new drivers mainly feature Total War support and a crossfire profile for it

20:52 23-May
WhiteFangSupreme avatar

New AMD drivers :D


20:50 23-May
WhiteFangSupreme avatar

We wolves have it hard .One random wolf kills a sheep on the other side of the world,then people come into my den and kill my cubs.Not fair.

It's kind of like some random,drunk Spanish dude damages your property and you decide to hate all Spanish people

Remember,wolf awareness week is 19-25 oct :D

20:36 23-May
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