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galaxyX12 avatar

ill try to do high res more often. either 1440p or 4k video.

15:05 12-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

the video i posted is finally in 1440p
watch it here

15:04 12-Feb
UltimateGamer07 avatar

Radbrad has Posted Hitman Beta(Demo) Mission Walkthrough in case

14:25 12-Feb
UltimateGamer07 avatar

Hitman fans might wanna check this out

14:22 12-Feb
UltimateGamer07 avatar

Hey since all of u are gamers i know that at least some of u Must be Playing Clash of Clans…If ur interested Join my Clan:#LR82GP9C
It's a new clan so help me grow…and dont let the name of clan Turn you away

14:15 12-Feb
tacese avatar

yay got a new b75 mobo so i dont have to use the h61 anymore, while it was good i gonna use 4 ddr3 slots from next week on

could use the old board for a htpc like i did in the past

13:45 12-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

ok so this kind of plays into my last shout I want to hear peoples opinions on this so my external 2tb is failing I have a few options 1. get another 2 tb internal raid that I with my current once (it only has steam games on it and external has movies and music mostly) or 2. get a 4tb internal and keep existing one or get a 2tb hybrid use that for games then use my existing 2tb for the movies and music (the one games are currently on) I don't really want another external so that's not an option thanks for your opinions

13:31 12-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

Finally starting to do High resolution YouTube videos.
1440p planetside 2 video here

13:29 12-Feb
tacese avatar

seeing things like Xcom2 on linux does not support intel or amd gpu yet only nvidia

how am i supposed to switch to linux if something like this exists

13:24 12-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

so I have 2 drives one ssd and one mechanical 2tb for storage steam games are all kept on my secondary drive I'm just curious as to where steam keeps saved games if there on the secondary drive or it would save them on the ssd (c drive) anyone know?

12:31 12-Feb
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