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loukas371 avatar

Wow! I OC'd my non k i5 3570 to abou 4GHz from 3.4 (boost clocks) and so far it seems quite stable. My physics score on Firestrike increased from 6400 to 7400 and my fps in the city of Novigrad in Witcher 3 has improved substantially since I am getting significantly higher GPU utilization (aka bottleneck extinguished). OC experts enlighten me. Is this normal? Is it safe? so far my system is stable. I am trully amazed right now.

13:47 26-Aug
TheMLGdoge avatar

It would be nice if you could see your previous comments on GD in a chronological order/amount of likes etc. Just a tiny feature i thought about.

12:42 26-Aug
theblackwolf avatar

make it ! i levelled up !!

11:49 26-Aug
theblackwolf avatar

i must admit that Resident Evil 7 looks exactly as same as Outlast but with no camera

what you guys think about that new RE7 ?

11:27 26-Aug
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

I wish i had the money to buy the GTX660 its only R1600 =(

05:59 26-Aug
theblaaa avatar

The discussion section for any games specs is not loading on any of my devices, is the website glitched?

04:58 26-Aug
austinach avatar

What CPU would be a worth upgrade from mine for best bang/buck? And i would like to try and keep it under the $300 range. And what motherboards are good now assuming it's an intel cpu so i'd have to switch it. I'd like to keep the mobo cost under $180ish.

04:46 26-Aug
fishman706 avatar

i have lubuntu labtop. is there a way to change it back to windows. dont like lubuntu

04:45 26-Aug
SmasherKO avatar

This good?


03:06 26-Aug
Sc0tty avatar

Hmm, really torn in between snagging a 1080 this tax season, or just holding my pennies and waiting for the next series.

00:26 26-Aug
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