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xeonbro avatar

Hey everyone…Question here,
Option for adding dual xeons on my pc---> How? it only lets me pick one. thanks for any answers.

05:12 09-Feb
huntuu avatar

Hey guys. If I'm going to college for an engineering major in two years, should I get a desktop or laptop and when should I get it?

03:22 09-Feb
ZioGamer avatar

I have just noticed that my MSI R9 390x OC edition on idle is 60C is this normal? my brothers msi r9 390x lite which is not OC is running around 40c

01:05 09-Feb
Miha99 avatar

A quick non-gaming question for you GDers. How tall are you,and it it considered short,medium or tall where you live? :)

23:25 08-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

ok to emphasize earlier my last shout my laptop blue screens with bad pool header whenever I plug in the hdmi it had windows 10 with up to date drivers I reinstalled windows 7 did all the updates and drivers plugged it in bad pool header again and id done hard drive checks there fine ram tests were good too even swapped out ram sticks and it still happened any ideas?

20:55 08-Feb
schafler avatar

how to delete my account

20:29 08-Feb
SogenSamurai avatar

I dun did it. The drive is one the way. :D

18:30 08-Feb
MadDan2012 avatar

How did I only find out about gaming.youtube.com just now? It's like a better designed YouTube and for games. It's fluid, you can browse while the video plays in the corner. Why isn't YouTube like this itself? XD

18:27 08-Feb
GTXftw avatar

Guys help me to chose. Should i be a programmer or a computer system technician?

17:45 08-Feb
darko6977 avatar

NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED 2012 IS FREE ON ORIGIN ! :D Pick it up now and keep it :)

16:01 08-Feb
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