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Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB
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Mouse : Logitech G500
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wolfe1924 avatar

the 1080 retails here for around 900-1000 cad urgh that's so expensive most budget builds are around that/less then that our dollar really sucks right now lol

00:06 26-May
SmasherKO avatar

So what are people's problems with Fallout 4? (never played Fallout ever)

22:23 25-May
LeadStarDude avatar

To my friends that have a hard time understanding my job here is a little information about my family's land, what we are doing with it, and how we help other land owners that want to reforest land in the USA that has been cleared for timber or farming in the past. https://www.treefarmsystem.org/lindsey--laudis--kenny-coley-from-arkansas

22:11 25-May
xquatrox avatar

Talking a bit about my weird Witcher 3 character build here. Have a watch, tell me what you think! :)

22:02 25-May
GreedyMuffin avatar

Ordered The Division, but i cancelled it. Two of my friends bought it and didn't like it, so I'm not gonna waste money on it either.

21:50 25-May
Myrmiron avatar

Who SHOULD be the next US president (featured strawpoll)?

19:23 25-May
Takahu10000 avatar

Is Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Worth it for 2.49 euros? It looks like a fun tactical game, but is the multiplayer still alive?

19:00 25-May
gamer76 avatar

Feel free to add me on Steam, my account is limited so i can't do much yet because i still don't have VISA but for a few months it will be all set. My name is WolfET03 :) :D

17:50 25-May
GreedyMuffin avatar

Corsair K95 versus Strafe RGB?

17:27 25-May
WhiteFangSupreme avatar

On steam,forgot to mention that,sorry

17:19 25-May
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