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CelthricAysen avatar

tried to play The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild today on CEMU, 15FPS avrage, 20 when lucky, 30FPS cap as expected, game is buggy with things glitching through the floor, and very frequent stuttering, especially during combat scenarios.

perhaps if you desperate to play this, you can struggle through these problems, but for me, I'l be waiting till it goes through some more development.

17:03 26-Mar
Devillllll avatar

is there is a Regens player in Pes 2017 master league ??

note : regens are the player who retired and they came back again as young players with the same name

16:03 26-Mar
GreedyMuffin avatar

GD needs to adjust their new components like Ryzen and 1080Ti.

A GTX 1080 at 2150 mhz cannot even thouch a 1080Ti stock performance. (Trust me I've owned/own both)

So that a 1080Ti is 16% faster than a 1080 is wrong, it is closer to double that.

11:14 26-Mar
samwise27 avatar

Hey guys its confirmed now that VEGA will be equipped with the HBM2. The good news is that AMD will allow its AIB partners to equip VEGA with either HBM2 or GDDRx which will most certainly gives room for different pricing and performance. :)

10:56 26-Mar
samwise27 avatar

MEA turned out to be a complete disappointment when it comes to optimization. Last gen cards 390s/980tis are all but struggling with this game even at 1080p.

10:14 26-Mar
Sourav93 avatar

Is there an bug with the OC calculator for GPUs? My card is shown as weaker when I have the OC on, compared to stock.

02:38 26-Mar
LeadStarDude avatar

I am getting throttling on YouTube for some reason. Stuck at 1mb/sec. I have a slow 6mb/sec connection anyway, but at least that is enough for 1080p. Being throttled to 1mb/sec has me down to 360p. Speedtest shows everything is fine. WTF?

00:39 26-Mar
xquatrox avatar

Anyone fancy playing DOOM on an ATM? :D

00:36 26-Mar
elflac avatar

I can`t submit my CPU-Z benchmark by empty field bug :(

22:12 25-Mar
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Fudgehog avatar
A lot of rumors about next CoD being set in WWII. Would definitely take it over Sci-fi any day :)
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Fudgehog avatar
So, instead of a masterpiece, Andromeda turned out to be "OK". Not bad, but just OK...quite disappointing.
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Fudgehog avatar
Friend borrowed Horizon Zero Dawn. Cant wait to get home to play it :)
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Fudgehog avatar
NHL17 TOTY cards are crazy :O
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Fudgehog avatar
If anyone happens to play OSU! add fruity_dream :)
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Fudgehog avatar
Have played 40 hours of OSU! in total. Decided to try CSGO for the first time in ages, and can definitely notice my aim with mouse has gotten better :) Hard to get used to M+KB since I have always played everything with a controller.
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Fudgehog avatar
Bought Corsair Harpoon. A small 25€ mouse that fits perfectly in my hand. Liking it a lot :)
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Fudgehog avatar
Disc Jam is fun!
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Fudgehog avatar
Quiet week at work. Everyone's on vacation so I'm just sitting here alone drinking hot chocolate. Not complaining though :)
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Fudgehog avatar
Still haven't started Mass Effect 2 that I have had installed for months. After watching some new Andromeda trailers I'm getting pretty hyped. Tomorrow I promise I will finally make contact with ME series for the first time, with ME2 :)
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Fudgehog avatar
First time in months it seems that PS Plus will have some interesting games to offer. Disc Jam and Tearaway Unfolded both look decent. Last really good PS Plus month was when Rocket League launched, almost 2 years ago.
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Fudgehog avatar
Tested my friends 27 inch Full HD monitor. Was worried that 1080p on 27 inch would look blurry now that I have gotten used to 24 inch 1440p screen, but it actually looked perfectly fine :)
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Fudgehog avatar
It's a shame how most 144hz monitors are TN. IMO it looks way worse compared to IPS or VA.
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Fudgehog avatar
Have now watched all available Seven Deadly Sins episodes from Netflix. I have never in my life watched anime before, but I absolutely love this series :D
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Fudgehog avatar
Bought a vertical stand for my PS4. Thank's to that I will now have enough space on my desk for dual monitor set up :D
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Fudgehog avatar
Tried Horizon Zero Dawn. Incredibly good looking and fun to play. Have to buy it some day.
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Fudgehog avatar
I need a good fingertip grip mouse for small hands. I currently use some generic 10€ gaming mouse and it's pretty horrible. Tried my friends Deathadder but didn't like it. Too big for me.
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