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juju95 avatar

i want a graphique card please

07:24 23-Oct
SogenSamurai avatar

I noticed a couple days ago that Task Manager now shows GPU usage. Pretty stoked, been wanting that since Windows 7. I think I may consider it better than MSI for monitoring hardware usage (barring the in-game overlay feature). #PraiseWindows10

03:11 23-Oct
DarthVaderZTB avatar

Which one is better for playing games, the 960 EVO or a 850 EVO?

18:11 22-Oct
GreedyMuffin avatar

Testing my 7800X at 5100mhz.. Will be fun to see how stable it is.

13:47 22-Oct
Miha99 avatar

Well…my GPU just died

13:23 22-Oct
xquatrox avatar

Finished the 2nd episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm yesterday at 4am… I've noticed that I'm getting higher framerates now that denuvo is gone. Wooo!

12:42 22-Oct
Starjack25 avatar

Anyone owns a Samsung J7? Another explosive device not to travel on a airplane:

01:05 22-Oct
SogenSamurai avatar

Latest build of OBS studio introduces shadow recording in advanced mode which is fantastic. The only problem is the program seems to have a number of performance issues atm so I recommenced holding off or waiting for some sort of hotfix or something.

20:51 21-Oct
yiannis2000 avatar

If anyone wants a Civ 6 deluxed discount pm me.

20:46 21-Oct
Dan987000 avatar

Just got my RAM back,and it works!Finally got my desktop back in working condition :D

19:40 21-Oct
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gamer322 avatar
Steam upcoming's sales has been leaked again thanks to reddit and eurogamer has confirmed that the following dates will be legit based on information obtained from some developers Steam Halloween Sale: October 26 - November 1 Steam Black Friday Sale: November 22 - 28 Steam Winter Sale: December 21 - January 4 You can read the full news article here: gamespot.com/articles/steam-holiday-sale-dates-leaked-for-halloween-blac..
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This is seriously bad.
Gankutsuou avatar
Wi-Fi security? theverge.com/2017/10..
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xquatrox avatar
If nobody cries and bashes such decisions then you'll end up with games on PC no better than you do on phones. Wanna skip waiting for your character to learn a skill? Pay. Want more potions? Pay. Want better weapons and armor (which are not even available through grinds)? Pay. Wanna complete more than one level today? Pay. These greedy devs/publishers are testing the waters and seeing what they can get away with and so people should absolutely complain.
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ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar
A $500 computer in America costs $1400 in Australia. ;-;
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ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar
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ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar
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ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar
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tzzsmk avatar
looks like I found a valid problem about Windows 10, if network I/O becomes higher than system drive I/O, entire system basically starts to lag and eventually even freeze (well not freeze, only disk response becomes so long it may take over 20 seconds to react), this is a very unfortunate problem caused by Windows NT architecture, this basically means for ex. downloading a game via Steam on very fast internet connection at speeds exceeding HDD write speeds will result in major lag - lag becomes very noticeable at network speeds getting over 200Mbit (which I admit isn't internet speed what majority of world can achieve, but this exact same issue applies for local networks, making ultrafast home NAS usage very awkward)
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ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar
Andromeda OS is now internally referred as Windows Core OS. Strange name. Also Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has hit RTM. I should test it out in VMware but i'm lazy.
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LimboWalker avatar
In case you didn't know the guys at Noclip are making a six-part documentary about the Witcher series. The first part is out and it's called: The Story of CD Projekt. Enjoy! :)
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tzzsmk avatar
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This is interesting.
samwise27 avatar
VEGA 64 beats 1080ti for the first time in Forza 7, 580 beats 1060 and 390 beats 970 with a pretty good margin.
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ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar
My internet is too slow to upload my custom version of Windows 10. Sorry. Australia lags.
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tzzsmk avatar
WHOA this is something, EU paid 360 000 € for a piracy research and genuine result is that piracy doesn't harm, what a coincidence it was not issued for public because such outcome is undesired :P
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Myrmiron avatar
PSA: A study by order of the EU found that pirating games doesn't inflict on these games sale numbers in a negative way, but actually in a positive way as many pirates buy the product after pirating them.

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