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wolfe1924 avatar

the moment i don't have much much money and for some reason I have pc building fever and I want to build one lol budget builds with good upgrade paths in the future no prefence on what side amd intel NVidia etc etc 1 2 3 go :P

01:07 18-Jan
Ecks30 avatar

Hey guys i got to ask if i was to build a budget system for a friend of mine but he wants to play games on high settings and all would it be best to get him the i5 3470 or get him a E3-1230 which costs the same in value. Also he is using right now a i3 2100 which i upgraded his Bios on his mobo so it can support 3rd gen i core series but just a little confused what to get for him for gaming wise.

18:54 17-Jan
ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar


08:09 17-Jan
steveoowns avatar

from an FX-8350 and gtx 780 to an i5-4670k and an RX-580. Both my parts switched teams, the system as a whole is so much better

03:49 17-Jan
Dan987000 avatar

Nice take on the suicide forest fiasco,if anyone's interested.

22:42 16-Jan
GreedyMuffin avatar

My lvl 139 BF4 account got banned for some reason.. (I haven't played in months!!)
So I just purchased origin access on a new one and LOL.
I had a good round with a buddy of mine
And someone on the enemy team accused me of being a aimbot. LOL.
Made my happy tho! xD

21:28 16-Jan
Jon avatar

OK I've just added a bunch more CPUs, if you spot any more that you think need adding then just reply to this shout and I'll get on it ! :)

17:20 16-Jan
tacese avatar

Just bought a pentium g 3260 and a h81 mobo for 48 euros new on sale. Finally gonna build a htpc again for emulator and kodi perhaps gonna get a gt1030

15:49 16-Jan
yiannis2000 avatar

Played like 5 games of PUBG today. 2-3 of them I got killed by hackers… And interestingly enough in 2 consecutive games that I played I got killed by a guy called alex99rus… I guess they found a way to conceal account names too…. Like wtf..

14:16 16-Jan
TwoHandedChopStick avatar

The Red Solstice is free on Humble Bundle :)

14:04 16-Jan
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Jon avatar
OK I've just added a bunch more CPUs, if you spot any more that you think need adding then just reply to this shout and I'll get on it ! :)
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Jon avatar
OK I've just added a bunch more CPUs, if you spot any more that you think need adding then just reply to this shout and I'll get on it ! :)
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Hey, your DAI3 review needs a top image to be able to be approved :) I put through Singularity though
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Shaheryar avatar
Hey everyone! Due to the extreme backlog in the Approvals area, I am writing down this post here so you can point out any urgent items which need approval. It's the first step is clearing them out. So if you have any important items sent in and not approved, let me know and I will address them ASAP. Shaheryar
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Hi Jon I was looking for someone to play Far Cry: Primal with me. Would you be interested in a gaming session if you have the game? Your fellow GD'er, sourov1000
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Jon avatar
Oxenfree is free on GOG! gog.com/game/oxenfree
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How do you think my new laptop will performs in games and other stuff against my PC with Pentium G2020 , Radeon HD6570 , 500 GB HDD , 4 GB RAM DDR3 and the monitor resolution of 1280x1024 (at laptop I play 1920x1080, his native res)
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I bought the one with FX-9830P because it was cheaper and I never had a SSD before, too bad this site don't have FX-9830P CPU. The RX550 is ranked wrong I think. What CPU do you think I can select as my rig to have almost same performance?
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I know you are a good guy , can you help me to tell which one is better from these : AMD FX-9830P, 8GB DDR4, SSD 256GB, AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB vs Intel Core i5-7300HQ, 8GB DDR4. HDD 1TB, nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB
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