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xquatrox avatar

The latest Tzzsmk article about Win10, as always, skips an important bit:
"We updated the upgrade experience today to help our customers, WHO PREVIOUSLY RESERVED THEIR UPGRADE, schedule a time for their upgrade to take place."
Means if you RESERVED IT WILLINGLY - they will get you scheduled as the clock is ticking. But the article ignores that part and just keeps on telling you that you're being forced. Sorry, but…come on…

16:37 13-Feb
bloodyredwine avatar

can not register to the forums. no matter what i type, i am given this error;
The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.

16:30 13-Feb
SARTHAK07 avatar

Down thumbs are raining :(
Even without doing anything as such :(

16:16 13-Feb
SARTHAK07 avatar

How to add GD in whitelist in ad blocker?
I use chrome

16:15 13-Feb
imdabes17 avatar

being excited doing another build :D

16:12 13-Feb
bloodyredwine avatar

the greatest frame rate
i encountered is 20 FPS though. on average it is 15 FPS.still playable.

16:05 13-Feb
bloodyredwine avatar

What rips the performance of the Witcher 3 off are mainly foliage/grass and the shadow effects. Once you apply the elaborate adjustments on the hunter's config, you will be able to make the game playable even not so smooth on a rather outdated hardware and somewhat weak graphics card

16:03 13-Feb
CelthricAysen avatar

CSGO Tip: if you want to avoid being teamed up with retards, don't queue up for De-Dust 2, I found out the hard way, because for whatever reason everytime I play on De-Dust 2, I get a high chance of playing with retards -_-

16:02 13-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

worked my tail off in the freezing cold (-15C) for 6hrs,just for 20$. gotta build a pc somehow. Yo'.

14:08 13-Feb
TheRoaringTiger avatar

geeky gamers i need your help , we have this Science Investigatory Project can u help me in making an idea or suggesting problems for my SIP ? thanks

13:56 13-Feb
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