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Ecks30 avatar

So what do you guys think about this LED TV and note right now i am using a 26 inch LCD 720p TV for my monitor which is decent but after having this TV since like 2006/2007 and noticing the burn marks in the corner happening i need to switch.

00:27 30-Mar
LeandriB avatar

If steam could give away Dying Light for free, that'd be great. Thank you in advance.

21:14 29-Mar
lion94 avatar


is this fake or real?

19:55 29-Mar
Myrmiron avatar

I feel like I'm reading comments from the same 5 people every day on GD, and then I look at the comment section from the Ryzen giveaway and it's 69 (giggity) fcking pages of comments!

19:12 29-Mar
xquatrox avatar

Don't know how relevant this is to anyone, but the BBC Radio 2 here in UK started having comical skits in a Trump accent and it's hilarious xD

18:38 29-Mar
seanyfnf avatar

Dunno whether there are any UK based Fire Emblem fans on site but just so you know GAME currently has stock of Fire Emblem Echoes Limited Edition available to pre-order on there website.

17:58 29-Mar
tzzsmk avatar

wow have you seen new Vivaldi browser 1.8 features?
history now looks like a calendar, incredibly cool idea!

09:22 29-Mar
david988 avatar

just finished hitman 6 and for me its disappointment, absolution was way much better

05:27 29-Mar
Sm0k3d0ut avatar

Should I step up to a GTX 1080Ti FE from a EVGA 1080 FTW2? It would only be about $50 to step up with shipping both ways.

02:46 29-Mar
huzaifabid avatar

How many of you guys are in favour of vulkan that the upcoming king of the hill api will be vulkan I know DX have a huge marketing but let's not forget that vulkan is better than DX 12 in many ways

02:42 29-Mar
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youtu.be/bO_fh450u6Y Intel Optane exclusive hands-on by Linustechtips. So from the looks of it, its severely limited by M2 slot bandwidth, given what we know about its maximum theoretical performance. Given time, I hope we can see something like M3 slot with PCI-E 3.0 x16 level bandwidth. This seems to be Intel exclusive tech, as atm it requires a Kaby Lake CPU and the X270 mobo. It'll be interesting to see what Samsung has to offer with their similar super-fast "SSD" tech. Assuming it doesn't light your PC on fire
Intel Optane Exclusive Hands On - SSD Crushing Performance - YouTube
Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this exclusive look at their new Optane technology! #sponsored Learn more about Intel Optane: http://geni.us/anGeaJU Buy Intel...
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I'm starting to think that my Broadwell-E CPU was a stupid thing to get.... Broadwell was Intel's 1st go with 14nm and I can see that because how it overclocks.... 4.1GHz is stable for 24/7 use.... Skylake chips overclock a lot better and then there's the Kaby Lake... many have been able to push it to 5GHz quite easily. So I'm considering of selling my old 6800k once we get the 8 core Kaby Lake-E... I'd be really happy if I could OC an 8 core to 5GHz :P
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Lmao suddenly World of Tanks isn't as boring as it used to be. I've been playing it the last week or so (which is amazing since I stopped playing it actively years ago...) and I actually like it again D:
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youtube.com/watch?v=ZvLHLLs6_Wo I experimented with universe sandbox 2. This looks so cool. The gravity ripped the rings off of that planet and then the tidal forces broke the planet into pieces. Amazing....
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About 44 days to go.... GTX 1080 Ti wait for me :D
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Oh shiet I missed your bday. Well anyways, happy (late) birthday tzz :)
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cdn.segmentnext.com/wp-content/uploads.. If this is the look of new 1080 Ti from GigaByte, and they start selling it relatively soon, I won't buy FE 1080 Ti's :D
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So when are the 1080 Ti AIB cards gonna be released? Some are saying later this week but that can't be right can it? If they get released before the end of next month, I just might order those instead of FE, considering they have much better (and quieter) cooling.
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Lmao CCCP Cleaner keeps on deleting VLC album pics.... I hate it. They won't reappear unless I reinstall VLC, and even then some of them won't come back. Wtf.
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youtube.com/watch?v=XzSSidHU54g LMAO this was pretty good vid. Surprisingly Windows 10 performed better than 7, 9 or Linus' own 9.5 in almost every test. The last time Linus said that Win 10 was tested against 8.1 in performance, 8.1 won. I guess there has been some optimization and driver maturation in between, since the 9 is Embedded (lighter) version of 8.1 and 10 outperformed even that.
Windows 9 - The OS Microsoft WON'T Tell You About! - YouTube
Windows 9 doesn't exist... officially. But it may be just what you're looking for if you aren't satisfied with Windows 10. Crunchyroll link: http://crunchyro...
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Lol something weird is going on with my PC... Intel XTU shows my reference clock as 125,036MHz and my multipliers are at 41 and yet Windows task manager is saying my clocks are 4.08GHz. Wtf is going on. I know for a fact that there is no fcking way my 6800k is running at 5125MHz....
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Lol first time I've heard of SCIO. Pocket-sized molecular sensor for your smartphone.... That is really cool. Only 299USD and you can scan everything from food to medicine and have it tell you exactly what it's made of, and you can even tell your own body fat percentage with it... Man tech advances quickly...
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I'm officially fcked.... My Premiere project is suddenly missing over an hour of footage. Nowhere to be found. I'm not sure what the hell happened. Of course there are no backups because my new server is still several months away and old one is just full... I keep everything so I didn't wanna delete old stuff.... There's no corrupted crap, the drives are working properly, it just vanished and Windows nor Premiere can't find the files. Fck my life.
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Lol this needs to change. I can't even play 7 Days to Die on max settings without my FPS being like 15 and even with half of the stuff off, it still sometimes drops below 30.... I hate my 760s -.-
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So what do you guys think will happen to FHD videos on a 3440x1440p screen? Do they get stretched and look absolutely horrible? I'd hate if I need to have another big screen just for movies....
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Lol my ancient SSD is still at 100% condition. I think I first bought it around 2011? I guess. Reads 19,820GB, writes 13,434GB and 21522h used. Of course back then I didn't fill out terabytes of space within months so it wasn't heavily used. Now I'm thinking of replacing my C drive with NVMe SSD from samsung and then buy a 1TB 850EVO for games (though that's actually not enough, I have more than a terabyte of games...). Maybe I'll use this old SSD for my server OS drive?

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