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GreedyMuffin avatar

Sold the Iphone 6, bought a Iphone 6S instead.

People seem to think that the S modell is far, far better.

Anyone had the experience with the two?

21:19 22-May
hoseinz avatar

is the Quake Beta over? should it DL it or not? kinda interested in playing it

16:42 22-May
hoseinz avatar

i wonder if i can run Tekken 7 at 60 FPS,prob 768p.

thinking of pre ordering it

06:45 22-May
Ecks30 avatar

Anyone here a Raspberry Pi expert because i wanted to add a LED strip to the Pi because i plan on doing a full LED 2 player Pi arcade joystick with a thin plexiglass and have the LED strip run around it so it would look cool (buying the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B next month with the arcade joysticks/buttons) and well just would like to have a pretty system if you know what i mean also going to install in my Pi arcade stick a 25 - 30mm fan (maybe 40mm) so the inside will be cooled down a bit (because i know the heatsinks for the Pi is ok but not cool enough f

04:58 22-May
Asavarserkul avatar

Who wants some of the other games:

  • The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • PAYDAY 2 - Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks(DLC)
  • Garry's Mod - Orcs Must Die! GOTY
  • Orcs Must Die 2: Complete Pack

21:24 21-May
phoosna avatar

Hey all!
I need some advice.
Would this laptop configuration be good for low 768p AAA gaming?
i5 6300HQ
GTX 950m 2gb

19:38 21-May
yiannis2000 avatar

Any good boy who wants a Lawbreakers beta key?Inb4 it's a more serious and more difficult Overwatch.

19:25 21-May
Roley avatar

Anyone using a Corsair Crystal 460X for their rig?

I'm tempted to pick one up, looks great :)

19:18 21-May
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I know this isn't gaming related but it's a sad moment in my country. Our 9th President has passed away. Loved by everyone, even the younger generations for helping in creation of our country, Rest In Peace, Mauno Koivisto.
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Hey man, just wondering how you calculated your 20% OC(on the 1080)? I have a 8.9% OC on my reference card and i scored a solid 1000 more than you in the gpu score in fire strike.
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Looks like I need to reinstall Windows AGAIN. It bluescreened, I checked the error code then started driver verification. Razer Synapse and Intel XTU is the reason this happens. The problem is, i can't get into windows again without it bluescreening because driver verifier finds that problem all the time...
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Ok my rage towards Ubisoft is just growing day by day. It's been a week since I sent them a support ticket. No answer. For Honor doesn't work, ACIII doesn't work and they seem to be ignoring me. Seriously, Ubisoft sucks...
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3dmark.com/3dm/19697646? Broke the 19,000 points barrier :) If I had shut down all pointless programs and adjusted process priority, I could've probably scored 19,500. Not bad
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-6800K,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. X99-A II
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I have come to the conclusion that I NEED an capture card. If I intend to do proper gaming vids (and benchmarks) I can't have random FPS drops and decreased performance due to recording... Epiphan av.io 4K seems like a really good choice for me and it isn't ridiculously expensive. It is highly praised by many and Epiphan capture tech is even used on the ISS so the brand makes some quality stuff. What do you guys think? Any suggestions for a newbie Youtuber? :D
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YES. I managed to get into login screen and then used Shift+Restart to get Windows restored to factory settings..... This was the most stressful day I've ever had. Damn machine underestimated gamer's passion to play games :D
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What in the hell just happened. I was playing Civ V and noticed that for some reason, my resolution was 1680x1050. So I changed it back to FHD and my screen went completely black and white. And it remains so even as I'm writing this. After I closed the game....
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Anyone here know how XBox Game DVR works? Specifically what it uses to encode the clips on the fly? CPU or GPU? And I have another problem as well. Why I'm getting sudden FPS drops while recording 60fps FHD video? NVIDIA NVENC H264 or CPU H264, doesn't matter. And my CPU or GPU aren't crap so how come FHD 60fps causes this....
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Yeah so tested Assassin's Creed III as it's the other Ubisoft game that hasn't worked like it should have. Now it's instacrashing again.... So, only Ubisoft games don't work for me right now. All my other games (I've got 1.3TB of them) work perfectly. So, a conclusion? Ubisoft sucks and should be blown to bits
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That's it. Can't get For Honor to work. I'm contacting Ubisoft. And if they can't help me or blame Microsoft AGAIN, I will consider buying a broadsword and go play For Honor IRL at Ubisoft's office.... Seriously, first their stuff doesn't work, then they don't know how to fix it and then they shift the blame to Microsoft. The last time that happened, Microsoft was like "No, it's a game error according to these files. Ubisoft should've noticed it. Contact them again and tell them this". Then they just completely started ignoring me.... FUCK THEM
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youtube.com/watch?v=Dx-pujAWTbc yay looks like I found something I absolutely want to buy :D But I am not sure if the price is justified, even if it's 4K 144Hz G-Sync HDR monitor wih 99+% AdobeRGB coverage and all of that little stuff.... I am seriously considering this right now. It's out in Q3 but I think I will get this next year, not right when it launches.
Is Acer INSANE?! - $2,000 Gaming Monitor - YouTube
Do you want EVERYTHING in a gaming monitor? If you have $2,000 to spare the Predator X27 may be right up your alley... Sign up for Amazon Prime: http://geni....
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Damn Mass Effect: Andromeda looks good. First ME game I've played and it seems pretty good, but the graphics on this one... holy shit. It's gotta be one of the best looking games I've ever seen. The level of detail on all the right things makes it look amazing. Now I'm off to run FireStrike and get my rig approved.
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Lmao classic Ubisoft. When I try to play For Honor, the box pops up which says For Honor and everything seems to go ok until the game itself doesn't launch, no crash, no black screen, nothing happens and it's just chilling on the task manager being all like "Yo bro I am Ubisoft game so I'm not working".....
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LOL. Unigine Superposition benchmark COMPLETELY overwhelmed my GTX 1080 @2012MHz...... Maximum FPS was 38.49. Minimum was 27.29 and average 33.29 FPS.... this was on 1080p Extreme.... Holy shit
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Now downloading For Honor. I hope it's as good as I've heard it to be. And thanks to the very generous limited edition bundle by Jimm's PC Store, I got the XBox 360 Wireless Controller with my GTX 1080, so For Honor should not only run smoothly but play smoothly because it's easier to play with a controller rather than a keyboard. I'm super excited!
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3dmark.com/3dm/19586874? Fire Strike Extreme score. Looks like I got rather shitty chip, I could only get it stable with +80MHz (which still apparently is 2050MHz) and it wasn't stable at +100. I have to tinker with it to find out at what point it becomes unstable. Still, an absolute beast of an card. I'm happy
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