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Ecks30 avatar

So guys by this Friday i should be posting the arcade joystick i am going to be building which i hope you guys would think it is dope.

20:54 26-Jun
Spechler avatar

Rx 470 or is there a better card w/same price range? Please help.

18:04 26-Jun
TheAllu avatar

What kind of a case is best for a longer time and airflow is great for overclocking?

17:58 26-Jun
hoseinz avatar

took me 1 less than a year to get to rank 8 on GD,then 4 years to get to 9.wish i was back in 2012

17:46 26-Jun
Roley avatar

SNES classic has officially been announced :D

17:46 26-Jun
wolfe1924 avatar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHZWsPNTMNI steam summer sale 2017 video got some lolz out of it

16:39 26-Jun
tzzsmk avatar

Linus did a test on Microsoft Edge - all I gotta say is #fckWindows10 remains very relevant :P

14:09 26-Jun
lion94 avatar

guys i cannot oc my card even 10%.

i evev see artifacts on stock speed however games donot crash or freez or restart

please help


10:11 26-Jun
Shaheryar avatar

Eid Mubarak to each and everyone of you! Hope you all are having a great day and enjoying with your family and friends. Stay blessed folks!

02:35 26-Jun
dino131 avatar

Anybody here play dokkan battle and has an awakened gotenks too borrow? Cant for the life of me pass his event.

19:27 25-Jun
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Lmao in Finland i9-7900X is a whole grand cheaper than 6950X. That makes it affordable (ish). It's still 1099€, which for a CPU is quite a lot. But when comparing to last-gen decacore, it's become far more affordable to an average consumer as well.
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And in Australia, prices only increase. They never decrease unless its a sale.
Lmao in Finland i9-7900X is a whole grand cheaper than 6950X. That makes it affordable (ish). It's still 1099€, which for a CPU is quite a lot. But when comparing to last-gen decacore, it's become far more affordable to an average consumer as well.
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So what are your hopes for Steam Summer Sale? I'm hoping that price of Civ VI goes down to something like 30-40€, and we get huge discounts on GTA V and KF2. Promised to buy both of those games for 2 friends of mine.
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For those of you here that play Killing Floor 2, what's your opinion on the new Summer Special? Imo it's great. Kinda refreshing that the zombies have changed, even though it's only for the duration of the event. And on the other hand, it's fcking creepy. Dark map, you turn on your flashlight and a clown is staring at you from the darkness. I get way more jumpscares with this update when a bloody and very dead looking clown attacks you from behind :D
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Guys don't forget to go and check out my blog. My review of the new Gunrunning DLC for GTA Online. Thanks :)
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Lmao I just checked my Games folder. 1.64TB. How long until 2TB? :P
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I absolutely love GTA Online. First time I've ever played GTA V. The game doesn't run really well at 1080p, which is weird (40-100fps, 50 average) considering my specs, but it makes up for it with unbelievably addictive properties. I played it 7h straight with my friends, got myself a high-end apartment equipped with 10 car garage, quite fast but unfortunately basic car which I modded quite a bit (carbon fiber sets, more armor, neon underglow, more powerful engine etc) and I don't want to play any other game for the moment :D Ofc that 7h also included 3 modders, who fcked up the game but other than that.... it's been great. I recommend this for everyone.
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A friend has been trying to make me buy GTA V for a year now. Recently I got asked if I had GTA by a different friend. Should I get it? I'm interested in the game but GTA Online is what we would be playing together and that same guy who has been trying to make me get the game is constantly complaining about how shitty GTA Online is :D Rather counterproductive. There are cheaters, hackers which give everyone stuff (like massive amounts of money) and connection issues which kick you back into GTA V and you need to start GTA Online all over again. I think he has mentioned few other problems as well but I can't remember them atm :/ so what do you guys think? Also, the game lags apparently.
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Kawaii profile picture :3
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if my gpu is a problems...why i didn't get screen tearing in watch dogs game?
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