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Andrej997 avatar

Finished Witcher 3 + 2 DLCs ( took me 97 hrs )

20:21 22-Apr
HamzaArain avatar

Game Debate Can you gift me a gaming pc or cnsole plz…
My laptop's performance is poor at playing latest games…

16:20 22-Apr
Dan987000 avatar

Hey guys, I need some networking help… I've got this setup in my house ISP modem-> ASUS wi-fi extender. The internet was wonky for a few days, and nothing was helping it get better, I just unplugged my extender and it worked…but now when I plug it back in, it breaks again. Anyone?

21:00 21-Apr
Nahtal avatar

Can someone from the admins approve my new rig? Thx.

20:25 21-Apr
koalabeer avatar

Have bought a HD7790 this week as an upgrade for the current one (HD4350). However, when installing, it shows the screen from the motherboard (and bios). However after the loading screen of win10, it shows a black screen with 0_ in the lower right corner. Installing the old card isn't an option anymore since win10 does not support the card series. Oh and to make it even harder. No display output on the motherboard :) Anyone any idea how to solve?

16:00 21-Apr
PCEGamer avatar

SLI does decent job https://imgur.com/a/SHpc0B8

Wish more games had compatibility

02:51 21-Apr
david988 avatar

just finished Dragon Age Inquisition.. man it was so boring, graphics and combat was improvment from dragon age 2 but every thing else was disapointing

00:55 21-Apr
Nahtal avatar

Have upgrade my hardware this week, for the experts here its older hardware, for me its new :P FX8350 from FX6300. GTX1050TI 4GB OC MSI. from GTX750TI. and up to 16 GB Ram :) from 12GB Ram. And Antec VP500pc but its not listed on this site.

20:26 20-Apr
theterminator405 avatar

What do you guys prefer? 60 fps at medium or low settings? or 30 fps at high or ultra settings?

18:55 20-Apr
tacese avatar

funny how way more people downvote than actually being constructive and answer the question. This is actually pure disrespect and useless, for the pages name is DEBATE and not downvote i you dont agree… yall need some help

18:44 20-Apr
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Myrmiron avatar
Just short-circuited my front USB3.0 port by accidentally trying to insert my 3.5mm headphone connector into it. Thank god nothing is broken.
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Myrmiron avatar
Just noticed that my blog is one of the top results when "googling" "Windows Server 2016 for gaming". Guess that's why it's still getting hits after all that time. Maybe I should write another blog actually evaluating Server 2016 for gaming?
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The CM Hyper 212 Evo has a max TDP of 180W. Souce Meanwhile the i7-8700k only has a TDP of 95W! Source So yes, the CM Hyper 212 Evo is way more than enough for the i7-8700k, it even has lots of headroom for overclocking.
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Even the lowest end Sandy Bridge i5 has more power than the G4560, thanks to actually having 4 physical cores. However both aren't that big of an upgrade over your current i3-2100, I'd actually try to get a cheap Sandy Bridge i5/i7 off of ebay and until then make due with that i3. How are the prices for AMD Ryzen in your country? Even the Ryzen 3 1200 is a better upgrade than any Sandy Bridge i5.

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