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LeadStarDude avatar

Uhg… I accidentally let my laptop go dead this morning and now the battery won't charge past 21%. Says it is charging, but never going up. Also if I unplug the power it instantly dies. I just bought his battery about 4 months ago. :(

21:11 30-Apr
Myrmiron avatar

Looks like "Game Mode" is exactly the useless retarded piece of garbage everyone expected it to be.
Good job Microsoft, good buzzword loaded advertisement software you released there. XD
Review video from LTT

20:36 30-Apr
Stropicall avatar

Call some games with lot's of hours to put in! Not Bethesda (softworks) or Saint Row related! Kinda like FPS, Free-Roam and action :)

20:22 30-Apr
jc7NYR avatar

been thinking A LOT about upgrading…. built my rig a year ago and I feel like I made a few mistakes, mainly the CPU and MOBO… they came as a bundle anyway im looking to get -
MOBO : Asus Strix z270H
CPU : i7 7700k with Corsair H80i v2 cooler
and another 16 gb of 3000mhz ram to swap out the 8gb 2666mhz giving 32gb 3000mhz total instead of 24gb 2666mhz…
(all old parts will be going in my GF's comp)
also, SLI 1070 or single 1080Ti in future ??
im not being a little bitch boy here either, just want some honest opinions on this
thanks GD !

19:34 30-Apr
david988 avatar

i canot rank up, can any admin help pls?

17:41 30-Apr
ShadeSlAY avatar

Hi guys could you please spread this giveaway I need 6 winners.

Headshot Steam Key Giveaway
I will choose 6 Winners.
Link to giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/tGCue-headshot-giveaway
Good Luck!

11:48 30-Apr
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

thank you for supporting me Buddies you are the best site ever

10:22 30-Apr
wolfe1924 avatar

friendly reminder all: any questions about the side and or issues feel free to write on your own wall and hit that fancy admin blue botton and someone will assist you, and for those who help out your efforts are recognized we do notice these things and will reward

just felt like giving a small motivational speech

09:33 30-Apr
theblackwolf avatar

Sodo you know how many member are there on GD ? This question always in my mind since I joined GD

08:17 30-Apr
ENTLVL820m avatar

how many Indian GDer's and other GD'ers worldwide watched the epic film Bahubali 2. guess Vega was behind those intense graphics used in those films. wont be surprised if it is true. well wht r ur thoughts on this guys?

07:12 30-Apr
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NymbusZero avatar
Have an issue with my backup computer. Could someone help me? Whenever I watch a video on youtube my screen goes black and then VPU recover kicks in. Here are the relevant specs on my older backup computer- HIS Iceq Radeon HD 4670 AGP Apevia Iceburg 680 watt Green Power Supply and 2GB of patriot ddr400 ram with a Venice Core Athlon 64 3400+ CPU. The motherboard is a MSI k8-mmv ms-7142. I know its ancient stuff but I just use it for youtube and email.
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hi how are
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Don't go to this site it seems to be hacked my friend got a virus from here! belghiti2007.e-monsite.com/
slt voici mon 1ere site
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How are you my love its been a while since you have been on when are you coming back online to game debate? (of course I say this when we both live in the same home lol!) I love you ChloeClaire!
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Ever thought about doing an AMD based APU build "Kaveri or Godaveri" I just built one for my wife and they are fun little rigs to build and can be done cheaply and run cool (if using a 65 watt tdp version that is) even with stock cooler they run cool unlike my fx which is another story altogether....................
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NymbusZero avatar
Anyone on here using an Athlon x4 845 Carrizo excavator? I just got done building a friend a PC with that in it and he loves it plus runs cool with a DeepCool Iceblade 200m CPU Heatsink. Was just curious as I was wanting to compare his FPS and other performance metrics with someone else.
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Nice cpu by the way what are your temps and have you tried to overclock it?

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