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Divayth avatar

Does anyone have any experience with HOTAS controllers? What are your recommendations?
Right now I'm close to getting the Saitek X-55 Rhino.

20:56 11-Feb
Axilleas avatar

Pip is dead? xd

19:59 11-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

ok I need a favour from someone who has an android phone with a micro sd to put the micro sd in there computer and take a photo and show me the layout of the micro sd card similar to this http://www.android.gs/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/How-to-mount-Nexus-4-SD-card-on-Ubuntu.png also I need to know where the screen shot folder is on the phone too thanks major props to whoever does this

17:45 11-Feb
UltimateGamer07 avatar

Rise of tomb raider for just under 14$ is also available

16:12 11-Feb
UltimateGamer07 avatar

XCOM 2 for just under 15 $

16:10 11-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

so I seen a lot of new faces here within the last few months and since the update one thing I don't see is all the old timers I see a couple here and there but the others seem to of vanished off the planet almost lol

12:24 11-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

reverse engineered a ram decrease registry edit for bluestacks to make it from 740mb ram max to 3gb ram max.
people online said taking the usage ofit from 740 to 512 made their system ram usage go from 95% to 70%
that means they had about 1gb of ram,that saddens me.
even the laptop i seek has 4gb,and my old POS had 2gb.

10:54 11-Feb
tzzsmk avatar

I finally uploaded UG3 video16 today, feel free to like and dislike it and comment :))

10:05 11-Feb
Giorgi1996 avatar

i cant insttal GD Anywhere gamers you can help me ?

09:30 11-Feb
gorementor avatar

Was lucky enough to score a Corsair 760T Case for only $50!

07:42 11-Feb
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