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tzzsmk avatar

I finally uploaded UG3 video16 today, feel free to like and dislike it and comment :))

10:05 11-Feb
Giorgi1996 avatar

i cant insttal GD Anywhere gamers you can help me ?

09:30 11-Feb
gorementor avatar

Was lucky enough to score a Corsair 760T Case for only $50!

07:42 11-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

V i can upgrade the GPU in it (expresscard) and i can buy a t9500 CPU for it (t7500 stock).
ill probably just upgrade the CPU,its got a t7500,4gb ddr2 ram,and a ati x2300 GPU.
decent enough for skyrim on the go.

07:38 11-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

im trading my tesla for a laptop.
not for gaming,but just something to use on the go.

06:30 11-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

im liquidating all my pc s**t to a friend so i can get $$ for a 7990.

05:55 11-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

so the Canadian dollar is at best almost all time low right now its really, really bad. so I thought to myself if I was gonna purchase my rig again brand new like I did 2 years ago I wanna see the price of it and turns out for the exact same thing I made almost 2 years ago now costs $200 more and well these componets were new back then now there 2 years old or a little older and more expensive sigh

04:51 11-Feb
999armoured avatar

Is Project Cars really a demanding graphic game? I play at extreme setting on 1080p only get 30fps -40fps

03:58 11-Feb
upcastalex avatar

should i be looking into upgrading my cpu anytime soon? For now im fine with the performance i get, but just wondering if anyone thinks there is an actual upgrade to my cpu

03:04 11-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

also,there is a 99.9999% liklihood of me moving to colorado,which is the state in USA where GD User 'Bubzyz' resides in.

23:22 10-Feb
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