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Lowspecgamer9 avatar

Guys im a Christian Gamer but i dont think the World will end tomorrow

20:42 22-Sep
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

Why People sell old gaming Laptops so expensive i was looking at a Asus ROG 2012 Laptop with i7 12GB RAM DDR3 750GB harddrive with Nvidia Geforce GTX660M and Windows 7 64bit

12:21 22-Sep
MdAmir027 avatar

Outlast free on humble bundle…i can't wait to try the game :D

23:46 21-Sep
darknatexs avatar

new amd driver out. adds dual vega support.

23:24 21-Sep
EldinSC avatar

FREE GAME on Humble Bundle
Outlast + Whistleblower DLC for the 48h

22:27 21-Sep
PCEGamer avatar

The Outlast and all DLCs are free on Humble Bundle! 1 hour left!!! Get it asap!

21:15 21-Sep
Andrej997 avatar


18:57 21-Sep
gamer322 avatar

First trailer for Left Alive by square enix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?timecontinue=1&v=IC9Ay-UCow

17:20 21-Sep
MaxPayne95 avatar

whoof!! Tireed . Completed OUTLAST in 2 days straight sitting for hours. ENDING was unexpected and I thought would be happy ending . lol. Why ?

15:03 21-Sep
tzzsmk avatar

woawoawoa, 2 years ago I shared a youtube video titled "Windows 10 is Spying on You Even When you Turn Privacy Settings to Off!", it appears now the entire YT account was banned, shady practices -_-

13:54 21-Sep
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My Friend got me the game Battleroyale; but the game seems really blurry even with AA off and Motion blur off?
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LeadStarDude avatar
Awesome! Disney got with Valve and re-opened multi-player for Star Wars Empire at War. The game now has multi-player through Steam instead of Game Spy, and they launched full Steam Workshop mod support as well. Freaking awesome to see this old game get some love
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When I uninstall Nvidia drivers using DDU and Install latest drivers, does the control panel save previous settings or do I have to reset to what I had before. As for AMD drivers It still saved certain settings for me like color and temperature, When I first started nvidia it used its own coloring which I disliked. Would I have to do all the settings again or will it save the settings for the new update. or should I do the automatic download install?
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After a few hours of Destiny 2, and this is my opinion, this game is not for me its too generic of a game. Its just a space shooter to me, hard to explain the campaign also sort of let me down a bit; luckily I got this game free with my card but this game is not for me. It gives me the same empty mindless feeling exactly like when I play Battlefield 1.
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Played a few hours of destiny 2 and its kind of boring, just pvp and pve. beta story is really short and well its just a run and gun game multiplayer is pretty cheasy even DOOM has done better Halo 3 has done better. Isn't destiny made by Halo creators? why is the controls so awful and video options lack a lot especially the brightness control its in numbers 1-6 ?
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will upload destiny 2 gameplay soon
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Destiny 2 beta is pretty optimized on 1440p ultra on gtx 1080 i7 6700 I average 119+ and lowest 80 fps.
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2289 to 3000 to get to rank 9 so close but so far away
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Battlefield 1 with GTX 1080 Gigabyte G1 Gaming / I7 6700 at 1440p First time using Shadowplay and a long time about 11-12 years since I used an nvidia gpu
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Marc Laidlaw released HL3 story on his website then deleted it and site is down as of now here is video about it and here is the transcript
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I'd generally advice against auto updating drivers. Not only does it ruin your ping in case you're in the middle of an online match when the latest driver starts downloading, but you also run the risk of installing one of the rare broken drivers NVIDIA had in the past. I'd wait 3 days at least before installing the latest drivers. I personally also always check the .pdf file of every driver I am about to install for known errors and such.
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TheUnturnedRock avatar
my GTX 1080 is coming tomorrow Friday, any tips should I use nvidia experience to auto update drivers or do it manually like AMD drivers, also my card comes with a program for OC mode and Gaming Mode. Do I really need that program installed?
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welcome to GD land of PC gaming
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Decided to go for the GTX 1080 from Gigabyte G1 Gaming bought it for 462 at new egg and it includes Destiny 2, was deciding on the TI version but seeing the performance ratio for such a huge amount made it not worth the price for 1080 ti in my opinion. In future I will stay with Nvidia. I used to love ATI cards until AMD took over ATI, ah well will miss freesync but seeing the performance for 1080 on 1440p I think I won't miss it as much as the r9 390x would
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