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darko6977 avatar

Steam ain't working again xD

12:43 10-Feb
UltimateGamer07 avatar

Wow The Division on PC Physical Copy for 26.5$ or 18.225 pounds
If u browse a bit u will see a lot more cheap games

12:27 10-Feb
tipexxx avatar

Recently got some problems with google chrome. As soon as I start it my cpu usage goes up to 100% then drops down. This spike causes chrome to freeze until the usage drops down to normal. Any ideas?

11:45 10-Feb
FaizanXtreme avatar

lately I have been running into a strange issue ,my GPU does not give any display on my system but runs fine on my friends pc & his GPU runs fine on my system.Any help would be appreciated thanks in adavance. :)

06:28 10-Feb
inkblowout avatar

Hey Guys I need some help, I'm currently stuck on what I need to get on and I'm thinking whether I should go for a 970 or a 980ti for 1080p 60fps gaming. Ya I know the 980ti is overkill but I want to future proof my rig so that nothing happ

05:12 10-Feb
clarinch avatar

The Division Open Beta Feb 18-21 is confirmed. anyone have a spare Beta-key?

04:58 10-Feb
MuhammadUzi1994 avatar

what kind of scaling should i use on an Asus PB287Q , GPU or Display? what's the difference between the two?

04:33 10-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

is a hd7990 a good upgrade from a gtx 690? (if i were to sell the 690 and use the money for a 7990,i dont NEED more perf,but i do need more vram.)

01:35 10-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

im buying ARK tmr,and im going to host a dedicated server for me and my friends to play on,does anyone else wanna play with me+them?

01:29 10-Feb
Rockfilip avatar

Finaly got my hands on the original Deus Ex. The game is truly a classic. After finishing Vanilla, I am gonna try out GMDX.

00:26 10-Feb
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