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ENTLVL820m avatar

so my journey with FXIII is still on and i am now in ch5 thanks to a decent guide. i gotta admit the battle system is tricky but still was fun. the trick lies in the paradigms. ah the OST's i gotta admit they r good infact i pause the game sometimes just to listen to them and admire the scenery.

10:32 28-Apr
ENTLVL820m avatar

hey guys it's been a while since i was active on GD. how r u all and how r ur rig's holding up against different games. i was totally immersed in FFXIII and couldn't be active on GD with my shouts and posts. so hope i will be forgiven for this XP

10:26 28-Apr
haiderpervaiz12 avatar

Can i OC my i5 4570k on Asus Motherboard B85M-G 4th generation?If not then can i OC my i5 4670k on ASUS B85-PRO GAMER LGA 1150 INTEL B85 ATX?

08:27 28-Apr
SogenSamurai avatar

I wish EA would release Boom Boom Rocket to PC. I don't even play it much, but it has a listen mode where it creates a firework display that's generated based on the music being played. It's very soothing.

04:40 28-Apr
DarthVaderZTB avatar

Just ordered the ASUS VG248QE 24 144hz 1ms gaming monitor.

Any of you guys have it?

02:37 28-Apr
ShadeSlAY avatar

Hello guys, when i post keys a " Thank You" would be much appreciated otherwise i will post keys in an another platform where people have good manners :)

20:57 27-Apr
ShadeSlAY avatar


20:51 27-Apr
haiderpervaiz12 avatar

Can i oc my i5 4570k on this mobo?(https://www.shopperspk.com/product/asus-q87m-e-socket-1150-motherboard/)

20:32 27-Apr
CelthricAysen avatar

Just found out Windows 10 actually has a Night Light function, basically its F.lux built into Windows 10.

20:13 27-Apr
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in only 1 year and 3months of using Bing I made from Amazon Reward Cards 165 dollars worth of amazon gift cards. Now 165 dollars isn't amazing since its only a few hours of work; but because it was made from just me searching on the internet it is pretty much free money
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Playing Arma 3 Koth and just thought I could make one of my sniper pals to snipe while on the helicopter video here
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thank you shadilay
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WW3 will happen once Half Life 3 releases
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Since It seems I might be being shadowed on GD I will be quiting the site, it has been months that I have noticed GD changes are making many of my friends on GD leave the site and it is also happening to me now. It was great; but this site is losing its core members more than gaining new users
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Second Test Can You Read This
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Damn Seems like Game Debate Notifications are broken for me now for past 2 months
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Can someone tell me what exactly is Windows 10 Creator Mode. Is this a whole new windows update or just a program I am so confused since reading online says absolutely nothing on what it actually is
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