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Western Digital WD3200AAJS 320GB
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2nd Drive : WD10EADS 1TB
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Zarathustra avatar

Just finished playing The Plan for the fourth time trying to figure out what I just witnessed and got the final (and only) achievement (no that's not how you get it ;). I have to say that is a very beautiful, confusing and emotional game. Well done Krillbite Studio, well done!

20:59 24-Jul
ErgoProxi avatar

is mobile 1000 series gtx coming out soon?
planing to get a lappy w/ gtx 950m/960m ?

20:57 24-Jul
Dovahkiin69 avatar


20:45 24-Jul
NEON10338 avatar

Are there any advantages of aftermarket cpu coolers over the stock ones? (Not considering the kind of h100 and overclocking)

20:42 24-Jul
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

845 buddies reach hahaha nah any new gaming stuff i can look at and what mic do you gamers think it good for youtube ?

17:56 24-Jul
randomgamerguy1999 avatar

How does the Sonic series stand in your opinion? I always hear mixed stuff about it, and since i havent played a single Sonic game (except for one, but i was too young to understand what was happening back then), i dont have a personal opinion of it.

17:16 24-Jul
Zarathustra avatar

Sorry, I meant the complete Civ V bundle is on discount for 92%

16:44 24-Jul
Zarathustra avatar

Civ V is now on sale on Steam for a HUGE discount of 92%!! Go get yours (and it would be awesome if someone sponsored me! ;) Have a great day guys!

16:43 24-Jul
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

WHAT!!! GTA 5 Have Improved with Fps on windows 10 now i can 25-40fps on same pc Windows 7 i only had 25-38fps

15:44 24-Jul
Gideon111 avatar

guys I have a problem. My upcoming rig is going to have a socket 1151 i5-6600 (DDR4 and DDR3L). But my mobo is going to be socket 1151 Asus B150 Plus (DDR3).

This means I have no Ram that fits?? How can they make socket 1151 with no Ram that fits the mobo and CPU??

I can upgrade to the MSI B150 Pc Mate (DDR4) t

15:20 24-Jul
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