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lion94 avatar

guys dell says that dell precision 390 1 6 pin 375 watts 18 amperes psu can support 150 watts gpu.

so will dell precision 1 6 pin 375 watts 18 amperes psu enough for gtx 650ti which needs 110 watts power ?


21:01 29-Apr
DevilHunter avatar

Well nvm.. :)

16:42 29-Apr
DevilHunter avatar

Help me! Is PCIE 3.0 same as x16?

16:34 29-Apr
MadDan2012 avatar

"This email has been designed to work with Windows 10 devices." Seriously Microsoft?

15:44 29-Apr
wolfe1924 avatar

check my top pinned post and follow me in the new series ill be posting every couple/ few days if interested :) as i said i take no credit for any of this i am not involved just trying to help the community for common issues and thoughts and less common issues let me know your thoughts people

06:06 29-Apr
ZioGamer avatar

Arthur Theme Song Hardcore Punk version Best thing my friend ever sent me

05:19 29-Apr
LeadStarDude avatar

Well I have had my phone for about a year now & I want an upgrade, but I am not sure that I should yet. What do you guys think? Latest 3DMark Sling Shot Unlimited ES 3.1 benchmark @ 1440p

02:35 29-Apr
ZioGamer avatar

You know Dark Souls 3 is unoptimized when you get 40-60 in Dark Souls 3 and Star Citizen at Very High you get 50-80 average. Seems legit FromSoftware lol

22:20 28-Apr
lion94 avatar

guys Will anti aliasing option will be removed in future due to higher resolutions like 8k,16k or 32k…?

20:38 28-Apr
thunderpn1234 avatar

With AMD producing GPUs for both ps4 and xb1 is it possible to say AMD has much more share of the market than Nvidia even when counting desktop GPUs?

20:32 28-Apr
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