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SogenSamurai avatar

I just got the thumbnails processed. I gotta record a couple more things, as the camera died in the middle of the airshow. After that I'll edit the footage. Videos will release two per week. :D

03:33 24-Jul
CosmicJester13 avatar

The Titan P may be 52% better performance than a Titan X though. All Titan cards are unique and have no card that they are modeled after.

03:29 24-Jul
CosmicJester13 avatar

the 1060 specs were over exagerated. Here's the real specs for the 10 series. GTX 1060 is the power of a 970, GTX 1070 is the power of a 980, GTX 1080 is the power of a 980TI and The Titan P is the power of a Titan X. Just a little bit higher performance. Although the 1060 lacks SLI like the previous gen card has.

03:26 24-Jul
jc7NYR avatar

Building your first gaming rig is such an amazing feeling….
like buying your first NEW car
loving the new Jag XF or XE

01:35 24-Jul
Rockfilip avatar

I am thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 just for DX12. Is it worth it?

19:37 23-Jul
Gideon111 avatar

Guys need help. Live in SA. I am going to completely upgrade my rig! I have already bought the gtx 1060! Now for
the rest! plz see if my cpu is a good upgrade.

-GTX 1060 (6gb) R5,999
-Add 8gb ddr3 1333mhz /
-Intel i5-6600 3.3 Ghz R4,099
-Asus B150 Pro Gaming R1,799
-Bitfenix Neos ATX R771

17:52 23-Jul
tzzsmk avatar

so basically Microsoft Senior Vice President Yusuf Mehdi said "We didn't expect so many people to figure out how to stop Windows 10 from force-installing." xD

17:37 23-Jul
tzzsmk avatar

year ago, Microsoft boasted that Windows 10 will run on billion devices in mid 2018 and now they already know it won't - this is particularly bad news for all the third-party devs who put trust in Microsoft's Windows 10 unified platform which Microsoft ruined by incapability to provide sufficient portfolio of Windows 10 based phones and other handheld devices

17:31 23-Jul
gamesplayer85 avatar

Can someone tell me how to make a Hyperlink in GD like a word into a link, i tried it multiple times but didn't work for me??

17:12 23-Jul
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