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I already have steelseries 7H Headphones, but the issue is that they are pretty old and sometimes stop the sound, now I'm having an opportunity to decide between two new headsets.. Steelseries Siberia v2 and Steelseries 7H in much better shape then the current one. Siberia v2 doesn't have sound card with it but I got one with me already for 7H. So which one should I buy? Wether siberia v2 will work with the same sound card or is it better to go with 7H again. Never checked siberia v2 but 7H sound is crazy.

23:14 21-Jul

is G2A legit? as Overwatch is 23$ and 40$ on battle.net
i have Overwatch on my ps4 so is it risky/shady site to use?
ill use Paypal

21:56 21-Jul
SARTHAK07 avatar

I think my laptop is throttling too much. Yesterday while playing Dota 2, My GPU clock was stuck at 450 Mhz. Can anyone tell me a way so I can confirm throttling? I had less than 50% GPU usage at that time too with 95 C temp and 98 C on CPU.. Seems pretty high to me…

14:10 21-Jul
koalabeer avatar

Even though my cpu is an absolute beast. It is time to upgrade it. Have been working with better chips last 6 months and I must say everything I needed went a lot (3-4 times) faster. Now I want it myself!

09:51 21-Jul
Dan987000 avatar

Talking about music, check this out, I've rediscovered this brilliant artist after almost 10 years, and absolutely love his work.

23:31 20-Jul
Dan987000 avatar

Music to my ears, it's a bit long, but worth it ;)

23:05 20-Jul
ItsTheGamerEdit123 avatar


It's the 21st of July again and it's my birthday.

I turned 20.

22:49 20-Jul
david988 avatar

Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest: Episode 1 is free on steam for limited time

22:26 20-Jul
emincmg avatar


Well im amazed lol

15:29 20-Jul
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You might have to do a little more googling for the motherboard issue - whether you'd need a BIOS update etc. But I heard on some channel that boards manufactured after Nov 2017 would have that BIOS already updated so you wouldn't need to worry. Just check whichever board you're thinking of buying - it's webpage. There should be details which mention it. Or some googling/redditing should help
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Hi anabigs I was looking for someone to play Fortnite with me. Would you be interested in a gaming session if you have the game? Your fellow GD'er, emanuel1208
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I was adding A320 motherboards but connection error while submitting it. dunno if it goes through, Tired of filling the form again lol so if anyone can do it, heres the link :D gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-A320-DS3-rev-1x#kf also some AMD 400 series mobo here gigabyte.com/Motherboard/AMD-X470-B450
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So whats the difference between Intels 8th gen Coffee Lake and 8th gen Whiskey lake? tweaktown.com/news/62452..
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So my CPU died about 7months after scavenging it for 30usd w/mobo. Now im trying too choose between i3 8100 and ryzen 3 1200 for low-mid tier gaming. So i can start saving money for a new rig. Any advice?
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My Pc got broke. Its stuck in "your pc run into bla bla bla, stopcode driver less or equal" loop. And i cant get it to safemode or that choose option part.
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This month of June there were many good deals and free games makes me DL DL DL and reached my monthly data cap, makes my connection locked @ 500kbps.. :( Cant play online games without being disconnected. Im left playing offline games. but few more days and my connection will be back to normal and I can play online again, watch videos etc, etc. wew feels like forever.. Life with limit. xD
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Hi anabigs I was looking for someone to play Minecraft with me. Would you be interested in a gaming session if you have the game? Your fellow GD'er, Chintastico007
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