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loukas371 avatar

A new Crimson Driver is out for

Battlefield 1™
Sid Meier's Civilization® VI
Titanfall 2™
Serious Sam™ VR Early Access
Eagle Flight VR™

here if interested

00:13 21-Oct
GreedyMuffin avatar

Got my 4790K up. Bad thing is that the CPU block is somehow messed up. Giving me high temps..

Wellwell. Will tweak it for another day. 4400 at 1.148V and 66'C is still more than fine until i fix it.

I'm running XT240 and XTX360 p/p with an D5 pump and my 1080.

23:31 20-Oct
Raystlyn avatar

Hey guys, I've been having issues that render my PC useless, I could really use some advice :)

23:14 20-Oct
upcastalex avatar

so i have found a R9 fury Nitro for $280 usd, is that worth it for saving $140 on a 1070? Id like to hear from someone who has a fury card if it is as good or as bad as people say

22:23 20-Oct
SomeRandomGuy128 avatar

ok so i've just started a job and the Nintendo switch got revealed, i think ino what i'm using my money on as soon as possible, (would get a better pc but at this point in my life its too much of a hassle, maybe when i go to university, i dunno)

22:17 20-Oct
ZioGamer avatar

Some of my gameplay of DayZ 0.60 game is starting to look a lot better, can't wait for .61 to actually fly planes

21:12 20-Oct
Felix avatar

Hey guys, I just wanted to say how awesome you have all been this year. Its been quite a tricky year for me and GD. I have been working tirelessly to keep things moving forward for us. Lots of changes happened behind the scenes that kept throwing me a curve ball.
But your continued support, help and friendship is what keeps me getting up in the morning and making GD into something bigger and better. I continue to do everything I can to ensure that we are still here tomorrow for us to all enjoy each others company.
GD is still one of the nicest places on the internet where we can share information and exchange discussions about gaming and tech. I love it and I know you guys do as well.
In case you didnt notice there have been a couple of nice updates around the site recently. Like the optimization page. The graphics and processor comparison pages. Drop me a msg if you havent spotted them.
Basically I have tonnes of great new ideas still to come on how to make GD more fun and more informative and they will be along very soon. It all just takes time and resource to get them created.
If you are wondering how you can get more involved here at GD, I am always looking for new and awesome members to become admin. And if you ever get a moment and find yourself on a relevant website (especially big name sites, like reddit) then please consider how you can drop a GD link out there (please dont spam) to our fellow gamers to help them find their way to us. That is probably the most useful thing you can do for GD right now. Spread our GD links across the internet. Share game hardware reports or cool news pages or similar. That will continue to help us remain in people's minds and give us strength across the internet.
And if you ever pop a link on any other site then you can always let me know, as I would like to say thanks for helping.
Hugs F

20:00 20-Oct
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

So the Geforce GTX 1050 will be a Low end GPU ?

18:20 20-Oct
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