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Tanja avatar

Hello ppl. Haven't posted anything like this in a while.. I got new objective for my camera and I had to test it :P So here's Finnish forest, http://imgur.com/gallery/R6wln ;)

12:19 24-Aug
umerwaheed avatar

can anyone tell in which category my PC come like is it a entry level or a mid range PC i am sure its not a HIgh End One

11:40 24-Aug
Anasabbasi avatar

Going with the i7 2600k, 8gb ram and gtx 1060. What do you think guys?

10:21 24-Aug
LittleGamer avatar

Found an old GPU from my closet. Just cant figure out what GPU this is. It just says JAVELIN-100-M03 on the back.

08:17 24-Aug
Maverick3266 avatar

What exactly do i look for when buying ram? Is there something else besides channel and memory type that is really important?

00:36 24-Aug
Kenadevil avatar

Rise of the tomb rider DX12
Niice boost over Dx 11


22:49 23-Aug
whitestorm3 avatar

So I played GTA IV on Steam the other day and wow was a mess it is! Because of GFWL the game DOES NOT WORK by just clicking play, you have to fix it yourself. Also it has terrible problems with GPU's with 2+ GB of VRAM (you have to manually fix the game if you want to be able to change the settings), I only get about 50fps on my GTX 1080 XD

22:44 23-Aug
Roley avatar

Playstation Now is officially coming to PC, I hear The Last Of Us is good, might try it now :D

21:03 23-Aug
EternalHaze avatar

My GTX 1060 is around 5-10 FPS slower than the benchmarks I see on YT. Is my CPU the bottleneck? Or is it my old decrepit HDD? Or do I need more RAM or upgrade to DDR4?

19:34 23-Aug
Firnen avatar

What's with my luck and graphics cards? One was DOA and the seller for the 2nd one was scammer and ran away with my money.
I haven't had anything but integrated for over 2 years.
Hope you guys have better luck.

17:45 23-Aug
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