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Molanderinkebu666 avatar

Microsoft, thank you for ruining everything with the crap some of us call Windows 10…. I can't even launch some games anymore, they suddenly have begun to crash on launch… I temporarily fixed it by running it as admin but now even that has failed… only on some games so not all is lost after all but… they better fix everything REALLY FAST

13:19 03-May
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

Will be Missing this Year Gamer RAGE 2016 where all the Newest Computers , CPU,GPU and Games going to be =(

12:42 03-May
CelthricAysen avatar

wow… you can't buy Call of Duty 4: MW remastered separately, did Activision lose trust on Infinite Warfare already? xD

09:00 03-May
darko6977 avatar

anyone want a 145$ recovery program ? :D Giving it away :D

21:30 02-May
GreedyMuffin avatar

Purchased a I5 3570K, MSI B85 for a little over 100 USD including shipping (and warranty)

Will resell for about 150-170 or so. 100 might sound expensive, but remember that I live in Norway, where a 5960X cost 1400 USD. :O

20:37 02-May
Takahu10000 avatar

The CoD4 Remake looks nice. Hope they don't screw up the multiplayer and keep it true to the classic.

18:52 02-May
Mattyg2002 avatar

Opinions on infinite warfare trailer???

18:48 02-May
CelthricAysen avatar

ohhh…. DICE devs bashing Infinity wards trailer, calling it 2010 graphics and amateur editing on twitter.

18:28 02-May
lion94 avatar

guys I have seen that 30fps gives me better experience than 60fps some times.

does this also happens with you guys?

16:02 02-May
SadneraBG avatar

Hi lads.Write as a comment-What is your connection speed,How much you pay and Where do you live.

14:21 02-May
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