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Seagate ST3160827AS 160GB
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gamesplayer85 avatar

AMD Radeon RX 470 to launch on August 4th, RX 460 on July 28th?

12:20 26-Jul
theHubi avatar

I'm looking into getting a GPU to help me with rendering in Sony Vegas Pro 13.
Sadly I've noticed, that Sony basically stopped development in 2013, so none of the new NVIDIA GPUs (tested 750Ti and 980) work. The Codec that supports CUDA has basically been abandoned 4 years ago.

So.. AMD cards.. anything you guys know works? I'm thinking of a FirePro W8100, but also considering a smaller RX480 first.
Can anyone confirm whether or not newer AMD cards work with SV13?

12:18 26-Jul
UltimateGamer07 avatar

Now is actually a very good time for a completely new OS….any of you guys have any plans do it now…u have a higher chance to succeed

12:08 26-Jul
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

I just Found out about my Family History =D i Came from Germany and Netherlands my dad's Family was in the high end place in Germany and have moved to Namibia after war and then to South Africa in 1968 and in 2017/2018 i'm moving to Russia haha So I'm a German Dutch Gamer That explain why i sound German when speaking English XD xD XD

09:18 26-Jul
nicovdmer avatar

How do i check my comment history

07:35 26-Jul
Manumunguia avatar

I need heelp, even witt it´s age i still get stuttering in just cause 3 with this rig and my lenovo y50 (i7 4710Hq/8gb ram/ gtx 860m and is not a HDD or a RAM issue :/

07:04 26-Jul
GolDGluST avatar

On my second PC I have lags while playing GTA 5 :/
PC specs:
i5-4460, hd graphics 4600, 4gb ram.
Can anyone help me?

06:12 26-Jul
theblackwolf avatar

treyarch and infinityward, who's better ?
(i think i already know the answer :))

05:20 26-Jul
theblackwolf avatar

it's unbelievable that my old pc able to run battlefield 4 with little lag on only 4gb ram and an geforce gt420 !!

05:01 26-Jul
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