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Starjack25 avatar

Hey guys, i want to ask you all something. Now the HEVC H.265 video codec, can it only be supported on 4K/8K resolutions or would it be available for 1080p/720p resolutions as well? Thanks in advance.

23:08 11-Feb
yiannis2000 avatar

NO NEW AC IN 2016! let's party. :P

22:41 11-Feb
Pip avatar

Hey Guys.
Yes I am still alive. Just moved to London to work abroad for 3 months. It's not being easy getting used to my new life here, as everything is unexplored territory but I believe I am on my way.

22:39 11-Feb
xquatrox avatar

A cool privacy screen and how to make one!

22:31 11-Feb
Dan987000 avatar

Quantum Break is coming to pc on the 5th of April,alongside the X1 version,hope it rocks :D

22:12 11-Feb
matphemy1488 avatar


22:05 11-Feb
matphemy1488 avatar

should i get? MSI Nightblade MI2 with i7-6700, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD, GTX 970 4GB, Killer 1525 Wifi Windows 10 (cost 1550$) or what?

i been doing heavy research on what to buy… havent pc gamed in 2 years last pc i spent 1300$ on 5-6 years ago

22:03 11-Feb
Divayth avatar

Does anyone have any experience with HOTAS controllers? What are your recommendations?
Right now I'm close to getting the Saitek X-55 Rhino.

20:56 11-Feb
Axilleas avatar

Pip is dead? xd

19:59 11-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

ok I need a favour from someone who has an android phone with a micro sd to put the micro sd in there computer and take a photo and show me the layout of the micro sd card similar to this http://www.android.gs/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/How-to-mount-Nexus-4-SD-card-on-Ubuntu.png also I need to know where the screen shot folder is on the phone too thanks major props to whoever does this

17:45 11-Feb
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