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wolfe1924 avatar

I got it fixed nevermind

01:45 13-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

omg one problem after another lately current issue is whenever I login to windows 10 it says signed into a temporary profile anyone know anything about this so I don't have to reformat it maybe I fixed the issue before by reformatting but I really don't want too

01:40 13-Feb
DarthVaderZTB avatar

you guys think G2A will sell HITMAN Beta keys?

22:26 12-Feb
enslavedhero avatar

Closed beta key giveaway at Alienware for the game "Gigantic" that can be redeem for both pc and xbone (cross-platform)

21:52 12-Feb
CHeerUP avatar

Just want to let out that I'm really amazed about how this web-site is evolving for the best. Congrats to the team, you guys, everytime I come here, it keeps getting better! Awesome work!

20:46 12-Feb
PCEGamer avatar

I'm having difficulty remembering the name of a game, it was for the Original Xbox (and PS2 I think). It's Pac-man with a Open world. It was possibly one of my childhoods most
favorite games.

19:50 12-Feb
tzzsmk avatar

Lumberyard Engine by Amazon is indeed a modified CryEngine, so not disappointing at all :D

19:35 12-Feb
bloodyredwine avatar

hi there. i have an annoying problem. every time i login, the website says "incorrect password" and i keep changing the password to the same one from the one i was given via email at each login. where am i doing wrong?

16:45 12-Feb
ErgoProxi avatar

my mousepad is missing.

16:11 12-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

ill try to do high res more often. either 1440p or 4k video.

15:05 12-Feb
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