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Core i7-950 Quad 3.06GHz
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FarrowsHarrows avatar

so having an sli set up wont show up on hardware scanner? also no way to put that as part of your rig?

21:19 07-Feb
galaxyX12 avatar

gotta get it in!

21:05 07-Feb
wolfe1924 avatar

so my laptop blue screens on windows 10 error is bad pool header I seen a couple different things that can be causing it however I'm not sure where to start any ideas? has anyone had this issue?

20:48 07-Feb
UserUser21 avatar

20:19 07-Feb
MadDan2012 avatar

Lots of people though "Sleeping Dogs" being trademarked was Kane and Lynch 3. It was actually True Crime: Hong Kong.

20:04 07-Feb
MadDan2012 avatar

Damn, I forgot how abruptly Kane and Lynch 2 ended. :P I mean, I know they've said they're focusing only on Hitman and all other projects are scrapped but dammit it Kane and Lynch 3. :(

19:57 07-Feb
UserUser21 avatar

ok, I changed the parts AGAIN to include ddr4 ram, here's the result. Actually cheaper than the other one.

19:45 07-Feb
vodkaa avatar

Since my 1080p monitor died, i figured there's no point in getting a GTX 960 to pair with a 768p monitor. Then I saw the R7 370 for 155€ and the GTX 950 for 180€. Which would be the best for that type of resolution? I'll probably will go with a XFX XT 500W 80+ Bronze for PSU.

19:10 07-Feb
GreedyMuffin avatar

Yes it does.

Honestly i would not pair such a GPU with such a mobo.

18:56 07-Feb
UserUser21 avatar

I'm changing my rig to the specs that my next planned upgrade may have

18:55 07-Feb
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