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21:37 06-May
yiannis2000 avatar

My body is ready… 350k viewers currently

21:02 06-May
yiannis2000 avatar

The Battlefield stream is going mad!!! Over 160k viewers!!!

20:52 06-May
Molanderinkebu666 avatar

Decided to download Forza 6 Apex, went to Windows store and it said that I need upgrade…. ok, so I opened the URL that the store stated AND IT STARTED DOWNLOADING WINDOWS 10 ALTHOUGH I ALREADY HAVE IT INSTALLED WTF?!

20:50 06-May
GreedyMuffin avatar

You guys with HW-E or other high-end CPUs (6core/12threads)

Do you notice a big diffrence when you overclock?

Ive been running 4500 the past days, only difference ive noticed is scoring 400 points higher in Cinebench R15 compared to my 3600 OC.

In Battlefield 4 (Test map) I did the same thing twice, taking a choppa and blow everything. My FPS dipped to about the same level as with my higher OC. Might be 5FPS difference.

I`m a temp hoe. over 70¤C and my PC does a shutdown. So 4500 was not ideal. :P Reaching 68¤C under stresstesting etc.

With a 3600 i reach the low 40s. And i run under stock voltage. So for now i don`t see a added benefit of 900mhz increase in speed. :P

20:34 06-May
SogenSamurai avatar

I think I fixed my friend's internet connection! We should be able to make more videos now. Maybe we will go try hard on Operation Metro again. :D

20:23 06-May
wolfe1924 avatar

kinda excited to see what the next battlefield is going to be i hope its world war 2 if it is as much as im against pre ordering i will literally chew that right up and let them take my money lol! heres the link to the stream the reveal is less then an hour away http://www.gamespot.com/articles/watch-battlefield-5-reveal-livestream-here/1100-6439559/

20:04 06-May
CaptainESS avatar

You must see this, literally the best version of DOOM :D

19:58 06-May
TheMLGdoge avatar

Looks like the next BF is called Battlefield 1

19:57 06-May
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

how expensive will it cost to build a AMD Phenom X4 PC ? in South Africa markets ???

19:47 06-May
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