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MadDan2012 avatar

Does anyone at all believe DICE could make Bad Company 3 without f---ing it up? Remove prone and jets has to be obvious for them or we're screwed. We don't need massive maps, just the amazing designs of Bad Company 2, emphasize teamwork and make it less like CoD, cause that's all I see Battlefield as now. It's a shame. Bring back orchestral music!

21:35 03-May
CaptainESS avatar

I can't change my profile picture. Do anyone have any idea about how can i change it? The picture i want to put is 150x150 pixels 22kb.

21:25 03-May
darko6977 avatar

Battlefield 4 expansion Dragons Teeth is free on origin now ! :D

21:05 03-May
wolfe1924 avatar

so I noticed I been having some issues with notifications, I would click it then it would not link me to where it was happening it would just say page not found. I also seen someone link my name and it did the same thing. so if somethings pressing enough and you need to contact me link me what it is that youd like me to look at thank you

20:09 03-May
DubMonster avatar


18:26 03-May
DubMonster avatar

im low end gamer, should i buy GTX 750 Ti

18:20 03-May
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

Gamer you know the Way how Boring Life can be if you have a Normal Laptop or PC its just tooo Bad Wish i had Gamer PC so that i can play more Choose of games

16:58 03-May
CelthricAysen avatar

sheesh… the CoD:IW's trailer is getting tons of flak, 100K dislikes and counting.

15:09 03-May
Molanderinkebu666 avatar

Microsoft, thank you for ruining everything with the crap some of us call Windows 10…. I can't even launch some games anymore, they suddenly have begun to crash on launch… I temporarily fixed it by running it as admin but now even that has failed… only on some games so not all is lost after all but… they better fix everything REALLY FAST

13:19 03-May
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

Will be Missing this Year Gamer RAGE 2016 where all the Newest Computers , CPU,GPU and Games going to be =(

12:42 03-May
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