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Lowspecgamer9 avatar

I'm going back to Windows 7 less Compatible problems

11:14 30-Jul
Myrmiron avatar

Only 10 Minutes until the free Windows 10 upgrade expires.
It's the final countdouwnnn

10:49 30-Jul
commanderpig avatar

can someone help me find a CPU cooler (air cooling) that fits LGA 1151 series and fits in the deepcool dukase for a reasonable price that isnt the coolermaster 212x as it is out of stock and i need a cooler ASAP. thanks

10:01 30-Jul
PCEGamer avatar

My brother in attempt to surprise me he purchased an 750 Watts PSU and Gaming Mouse. An honest mistake; he used the old power connector with the new PSU which must have had power surging through and when connected to the PSU it must have caused the short circuit and killed both my 2 Hard drives, since the power had no where to go. Check My Blog for more details.

09:39 30-Jul
Sc0tty avatar

Ahh, back in the good ol' dayz.
When I didn't suck at video games. :p

09:31 30-Jul
Rockfilip avatar

After watching this video, I seriously think that Infinite Warfare is getting too much hate. You wanted something new and you got something new.


08:11 30-Jul
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

My Cheap Gaming Headsets was deliver yesterday DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! its Very Loud and its have Heavy Awesome Bass It don't even Sound like Cheap Headsets

05:23 30-Jul
Miha99 avatar

I am seriously thinking of making some idiotically stupid painting and tell people it has some kind of a higher meaning not everyone can see and understand and try to sell it for some ridiculous money

01:53 30-Jul
darknatexs avatar

AMD 16.7.3 gpu and chipset drivers released. will be installing both and seeing how things go. maybe i wont get a freeze anymore when i have both gpus plugged in and try to update my video driver lol
yeah right

01:47 30-Jul
Ecks30 avatar

I need someone's opinion cause i was thinking of getting the i7 2600 non K for 150$ Canadian but how much of a big upgrade would it be for me and how long will it last me.

23:10 29-Jul
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