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GreedyMuffin avatar

Will test tomorrow. Got no time today due study and I've been working on my outboard.

BF1 Alpha was pretty good and stable, although I do have pretty beefy HW it was a great experience.

19:31 30-Aug
SogenSamurai avatar

OMG BF1 runs so poorly. I wasn't expecting the best performance, but oi! Controller support works when it feels like it. Running at 720p low and getting 80fps, yet it still looks like 25fps and feels like it. Not to mention the god awful input lag that I can't get rid of!!! How does Frostbite still not support binding of macro buttons! Dice pls!!! And the hit reg is pretty weak too.

18:31 30-Aug
yiannis2000 avatar

So I'm getting really High CPU usage in BF1… Almost maxed out… The game starts and runs kinda Okish in the first round and in the 2nd and 3rd simply unplayable. If anyone has found a workaround please let me know. Btw the GPU usage is kinda low.

18:11 30-Aug
LSDgaming avatar

What is this?

16:19 30-Aug
ErgoProxi avatar

heaven island, mayb?

13:58 30-Aug
GreedyMuffin avatar

Battlefield 1 Premium edt. pre-ordered!

I sold a I5 3570K + Mobo for the same amount of cash :O

13:56 30-Aug
GreedyMuffin avatar

Yeah. Roley I can play with no issues, but you is too far away. :/

13:50 30-Aug
SogenSamurai avatar

@Roley & @Greedymuffin I'll be causing carnage as well. Too bad there is an ocean between us though, it'd be fun to get a GD army in WWI.

13:48 30-Aug
tzzsmk avatar

lol I thought it's some internet troll, but Intel did actually release Braswell cpu series xD

13:29 30-Aug
yiannis2000 avatar

That feeling when you get stuttering all the time in BF1 yet you still are the best in your team :'(
1 like=1 prayer

11:46 30-Aug
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