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SHOUTOUT to revive GameDebate's chat! How about transferring the chat into Discord eh?

05:43 23-Jan
xdrlanx avatar

GTX 1060ti make it happen! No jk hell no wtf, don't release a gtx 1060 5gb what the hell were you thinkin NVIDIA?

00:30 23-Jan
GreedyMuffin avatar

Anyone doing RCs?

I just picked up a used Traxxas Slash Ultimate localy.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the same truck, or advices on upgrades etc.


19:59 22-Jan
GreedyMuffin avatar

Sold my GTX 1080Ti (inc. waterblock from EKWB) for more than what I paid for the both new due to the mining craze.


I got a 1070 Strix to use until the new series arrives in the next two-three months. :-D

20:22 21-Jan
dino131 avatar

So guys i need outside opinion. Buy a 2ds xl or wait out for newer stuff. Always wanted to play some of the 3ds games especialy dragon ball fusions and monster hunter. What do you guys think?

18:27 21-Jan
Roley avatar

Today in FF14 I fought Diabolos from FF8 :D

16:27 21-Jan
NEON10338 avatar

My college has deployed a firewall “cyber roam” and it has made it impossible to access steam/origin and many other sites. Is there anyway to bypass it without paid VPNs?

15:11 21-Jan
Roley avatar

FF14 has an update incoming with the focus on FF6, Kefka is back along with Doom Train :D

07:10 21-Jan
Sammoonryong avatar


people gimme a hand and cast your vote :)

00:07 21-Jan
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PSA: Anyone with an Android device needs to read this and delete these apps + change their Facebook credentials. bleepingcomputer.com/news/security..
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To whoever that is interested. Here's a key for this game called The Red Solstice: KYICV-3PQM5-C6WBP
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PSA: Anyone with an Android device needs to read this and delete these apps + change their Facebook credentials. bleepingcomputer.com/news/security..
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Brace for an impact guys! SSDs took a hit from spectre and meltdown updates. Performance down up to 30% in writing particularly. youtu.be/JbhKUjPRk5Q
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The Red Solstice is currently free on Humble. Grab it and have some fun! :D
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FFS Intel
darknatexs avatar
F-Secure's security researchers discovered another flaw in Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) that a hacker can potentially misuse to gain remote access to a system. Worse than the other two issues.
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Class action lawsuits have started against Intel. Already three now in USA alone!
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I hope this helps.
So after a lot of research I've been able to determine with confidence that the Intel security flaw is due to the lack of code in the Management Engine firmware which is in charge of a microprocessor found on their CPUs. With that said, they have new firmware updates that you can download here.
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Holy sh!t! Apparently Intel CPUs have a massive security flaw which allows applications to prefetch system memory and then do with it whatever the application wants, without any control! The work around will apparently cost a lot of performance! Apparently Intel CPUs could lose 25-50% of their performance! I only have a German source unfortunately.
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lol Apple just admitted to slowing their phones to try and get people to get new ones. Now they're offering discounted batteries for them. Source
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Merry Christmas folks !! :D
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Merry christmas, ya filthy animal. And a happy new year.
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