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GreedyMuffin avatar

Sold the Iphone 6, bought a Iphone 6S instead.

People seem to think that the S modell is far, far better.

Anyone had the experience with the two?

21:19 22-May
hoseinz avatar

is the Quake Beta over? should it DL it or not? kinda interested in playing it

16:42 22-May
hoseinz avatar

i wonder if i can run Tekken 7 at 60 FPS,prob 768p.

thinking of pre ordering it

06:45 22-May
Ecks30 avatar

Anyone here a Raspberry Pi expert because i wanted to add a LED strip to the Pi because i plan on doing a full LED 2 player Pi arcade joystick with a thin plexiglass and have the LED strip run around it so it would look cool (buying the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B next month with the arcade joysticks/buttons) and well just would like to have a pretty system if you know what i mean also going to install in my Pi arcade stick a 25 - 30mm fan (maybe 40mm) so the inside will be cooled down a bit (because i know the heatsinks for the Pi is ok but not cool enough f

04:58 22-May
Asavarserkul avatar

Who wants some of the other games:

  • The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • PAYDAY 2 - Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks(DLC)
  • Garry's Mod - Orcs Must Die! GOTY
  • Orcs Must Die 2: Complete Pack

21:24 21-May
phoosna avatar

Hey all!
I need some advice.
Would this laptop configuration be good for low 768p AAA gaming?
i5 6300HQ
GTX 950m 2gb

19:38 21-May
yiannis2000 avatar

Any good boy who wants a Lawbreakers beta key?Inb4 it's a more serious and more difficult Overwatch.

19:25 21-May
Roley avatar

Anyone using a Corsair Crystal 460X for their rig?

I'm tempted to pick one up, looks great :)

19:18 21-May
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tzzsmk avatar
soo, I've been running LatencyMon for almost 75 hours already, highest reported "DPC routine execution time" measured so far is 1856 microseconds (of ntoskrnl.exe process) which means the operating system (Windows 10, version 1703, build 15063.296) on my test rig (i7-4770, 16GB ram) is unsuitable for realtime audio and other tasks processing...shame... #fckWindows10
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tzzsmk avatar
"(Windows 10) LTSB is not intended for deployment on most or all the PCs in an organization; it should be used only for special-purpose devices." CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :D
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@tzzsmk What's your take on LTSB? I like it so far, it's not a replacement for Win7, but it's the closest to actually use-able OS. Only problem is, it's impossible to use it for over 90 days. Got a lightweight version to try, if you're interested.
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tzzsmk avatar
hahaa best thing about not running Windows is that you can download complete any version of Windows 10 ISO from microsoft site :D
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tzzsmk avatar
DaFont was hacked - if you have an account there, make sure to change passwords!
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Your weekend is going to get really messy..... muahahahahaha!
hmm, Windows 10 build 16199 launched....I won't mess my weekend, postponing testing to next week xD
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tzzsmk avatar
hmm, Windows 10 build 16199 launched....I won't mess my weekend, postponing testing to next week xD
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tzzsmk avatar
hey folks, can you recommend some good aftermarket rack-mountable PC case? 3U or 4U preferably; so far I figured out people make custom chassis as there isn't really much to choose from in stores
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tzzsmk avatar
Chris Cornell, singer of Audioslave, died yesterday at age 52, let your track of FlatOut 2 soundtrack never be forgotten
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tzzsmk avatar
hmm so the 24-hour DPC latency test of my Windows 10 rig (i7-4770, 16GB ram) has finished, and the results are borderline okay, about as good as I expected, maybe afterall Windows 10 may become usable system one day :) i.imgur.com/Dc9pJ29.png
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tzzsmk avatar
I just ran across an amazing set of free monitoring tools, good to know what Windows 10 is doing all the time (I did a quick tests on idle system, 88 000 C: drive operations within a minute and over 6700 registry operations within 10 seconds), that's what I call spying!
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tzzsmk avatar
heya folks, maybe worth a try?: geforce.com/whats-new/articles..
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tzzsmk avatar
lol Microsoft released update for WindowsXP, to fix their own NSA-featured backdoor hole (WannaCry approved), hats off we're back in 2009 then, right? xD
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tzzsmk avatar
I thought nothing would surprise me, but then... BSOD showcased (or maybe not intentionally lol) at Microsoft Tech Summit xD ...ummm... #fckWindows10
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tzzsmk avatar
hmm so the recent WannaCry malware is result of NSA leftover EternalBlue exploit coded into Windows, one more reason to quit Windows and go for some open-source operating system :P
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