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Core i7-4770K 4-Core 3.5GHz
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Case : Cooler Master HAF XB Evo
PSU : Corsair RM850 850W
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SogenSamurai avatar

Hey guys, does anyone have Battlefront 1&2 on Steam? I have the discs and their DRM is not compatible with Win10.

14:49 07-Feb
ErgoProxi avatar

LoL. Just realized that I haven't finished Metro 2033. well, better finish the game before Mirror's Edge is done downloading. p/s: limiting steam d/l to 64kbps. wonder when it'll be done.

13:48 07-Feb
GamerMihkel98 avatar

Hello, can anyone tell me how to I record gta v gameplay that has already happened?? like everyone are uploading cool stuff and i dont believe they record all the time, how can you "replay" what happened and record it?

13:38 07-Feb
GreedyMuffin avatar

I`m scoring a 1500 points on Cinebench on 3700/3700.

Turned down the cache and core voltage by 25mv each. Temps are around 45-55¤C on the hottest core depending on the load.

12:20 07-Feb
GreedyMuffin avatar

Would it be tragic of me to run my I7 5960X on 3700-3800Mhz on core below stock voltage?

Im currently testing 0.944V and 3700Mhz on core, 3700 on the cache, though, a small 0.110mv was needed, but the cache voltage dont make a huge difference.

Seems like it work. :P

Still a 23% increase from stock. ^^

Will run Cinebench and compare the results.

11:03 07-Feb
UserUser21 avatar

What do you guys think about this 1000-1200$ budget build? Also I need advice for the PSU

10:52 07-Feb
Roley avatar

P.T and Allison Road not enough?
Here's Visage

09:36 07-Feb
nicolayaski avatar

so after a couple of weeks job hunting it looks like i might be starting at GNC pretty soon :D

04:09 07-Feb
DarkJester avatar

VR headsets are out but only compatible with smartphones. I hope a VR headset for windows 10 comes out soon.

00:23 07-Feb
darko6977 avatar

Anyone heard about Battalion 1944 ? Feels kinda nostalgic , like the old BF 1942 or MOH Allied Assault :)

22:13 06-Feb
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