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GreedyMuffin avatar

Sold my GTX 1080Ti (inc. waterblock from EKWB) for more than what I paid for the both new due to the mining craze.


I got a 1070 Strix to use until the new series arrives in the next two-three months. :-D

20:22 21-Jan
dino131 avatar

So guys i need outside opinion. Buy a 2ds xl or wait out for newer stuff. Always wanted to play some of the 3ds games especialy dragon ball fusions and monster hunter. What do you guys think?

18:27 21-Jan
Roley avatar

Today in FF14 I fought Diabolos from FF8 :D

16:27 21-Jan
NEON10338 avatar

My college has deployed a firewall “cyber roam” and it has made it impossible to access steam/origin and many other sites. Is there anyway to bypass it without paid VPNs?

15:11 21-Jan
Roley avatar

FF14 has an update incoming with the focus on FF6, Kefka is back along with Doom Train :D

07:10 21-Jan
Sammoonryong avatar


people gimme a hand and cast your vote :)

00:07 21-Jan
xquatrox avatar

Did you guys see Nvidia Freestyle yet? Looks like somewhat of a contender to SweetFX, especially since it's just there and piss-easy to use from the driver :)

21:29 20-Jan
Miha99 avatar

Meme used properly
(Tunguska is that tank if you didn't know)

23:06 19-Jan
wolfe1924 avatar

lets say hypothetically who you were to build a new pc would you go with coffee lake or ryzen and why? just interested in hearing opinions and thoughts

22:13 19-Jan
Enthyos avatar

Grab your free copy of this classic ! #LoveCarmageddon https://www.gog.com/game/carmageddon_tdr_2000

19:32 19-Jan
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xquatrox avatar
Did you guys see Nvidia Freestyle yet? Looks like somewhat of a contender to SweetFX, especially since it's just there and piss-easy to use from the driver :)
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Yo! Do PM me if you're interested in a debate about emulators or games or whatnot. I don't mean to ignore any of your comments, but it does get difficult to follow up on old comment threads in articles.
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Please quote me where I said that resolution makes NO difference :) The image I tried to link to was from here (bottom one on TES V memory consumption), but the website has a retarded file system in place... tomshardware.co.uk/graphics-card-myths,review-32882-5.html
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xquatrox avatar
People should stop this "designed for RESOLUTION X" GPU memory nonsense for once. Take an old game, run it at 8K and it will consume less VRAM than a modern game at 800x640! Rendering resolution is only a small fraction of the equation - most of the resources are taken up by models, textures, shaders, shadow maps, physx, simulations, anti-aliasing and other programs (hardware transforms and animation caches, etc). If someone wanted to they could overflow an 11GB memory buffer of a 1080Ti with a game rendering at 640x480 or less. So can we please stop this nonsense? There is no such thing as "this GPU is designed for 1080p" or "that one is for 4K". I played games at 4K on a 4GB GPU, fancy th
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Internet: New major bugs discovered. Update your systems now to protect yourselves! Me: Ok, time to update... Oh look, the "fall creators' update" is here! xD
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