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''The lifetime of GeForce cards,judging by nVidia,should be around 2 years.After that the support and driver optimization for new games is over,so users should throw away their perfectly functional and still decently fast cards.''
-''World of computers'' , Serbian IT magazine

23:44 24-Jul
vodkaa avatar

Hello fellow game debaters.

In a month or so im going to buy a new graphics card. And I was wondering what would be my best bet to play games at this resolution with 60 fps on high settings. The budget is between 100-200€

Thanks in advance.

23:04 24-Jul
loukas371 avatar

here is a great video for people looking to buy a 200-300$ card right now. It is by Ed, a sapphirePR represantative but he is a really cool guy who knows his stuff perfectly (pretty rare these days) and will give you a lot of insight on a lot of things. Yes the most details are about the 480 nitro etc but it also has a "480 vs 1060" discussion later in the video. I think its great.

22:11 24-Jul
oujisan2236 avatar

sup sup homies new here..

22:04 24-Jul
Zarathustra avatar

Just finished playing The Plan for the fourth time trying to figure out what I just witnessed and got the final (and only) achievement (no that's not how you get it ;). I have to say that is a very beautiful, confusing and emotional game. Well done Krillbite Studio, well done!

20:59 24-Jul
ErgoProxi avatar

is mobile 1000 series gtx coming out soon?
planing to get a lappy w/ gtx 950m/960m ?

20:57 24-Jul
Dovahkiin69 avatar


20:45 24-Jul
NEON10338 avatar

Are there any advantages of aftermarket cpu coolers over the stock ones? (Not considering the kind of h100 and overclocking)

20:42 24-Jul
Lowspecgamer9 avatar

845 buddies reach hahaha nah any new gaming stuff i can look at and what mic do you gamers think it good for youtube ?

17:56 24-Jul
randomgamerguy1999 avatar

How does the Sonic series stand in your opinion? I always hear mixed stuff about it, and since i havent played a single Sonic game (except for one, but i was too young to understand what was happening back then), i dont have a personal opinion of it.

17:16 24-Jul
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