OCZ 700W GameXStream
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OCZ 700W GameXStream Review

The SLI-Ready GameXStream power supplies are designed specifically for the demanding computing environments of PC Enthusiasts, Power Users, and Gamers.
As more and more gamers take advantage of the gaming benefits offered by multi-GPU technology the need for improved power supply solutions increases greatly. The GameXStream features high-quality components to ensure your PC's vital hardware is supplied with clean, stable and reliable power without compromising effectiveness.
Kept ultra-cool with a large 120mm fan, the GameXStream remains virtually silent and supremely cool even at peak loads. The highly efficient GameXStream core is sheltered in a standard dimension chassis, resulting in a smaller footprint and more legroom for system-cooling modifications. GameXStream PSUs provide Active PFC to effectively regulate input voltage to deliver superior operation in a wider range of environments and countries with varying voltages.
Second to no other gaming PSU, the GameXStream's unprecedented quality and performance is the ultimate solution for serious gamers.

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OCZ 700W GameXStream Technical Specifications
Input Voltage
+3.3V Amps
+5V Amps
+12V Amps
How Many +12V
Power Capabilities
700 Watts
50Hz - 60Hz
100V - 240V
36 Amps
30 Amps
50 Amps
4 +12V Rails
14 cm
15 cm
8.6 cm
24Pin Connector
4+4Pin CPU Connector
8Pin Connector
6Pin Connector
4Pin Connector
SATA Connector
Fan Size
PSU Features
OCZ 700W GameXStream Extras
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