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Here at Game Debate we are a professional team of game and hardware journalists, dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest news from the video gaming and hardware industry. Every day we provide a tonne of unique content for your reading pleasure, that we have either got from the horse’s mouth (the horse often being the hardworking devs behind the games we love) or we have prised from the suits’ briefcases when they haven’t been looking.

Our team of expert writers is hand-selected for their knowledge of the gaming world, with a passion for news and all things related to the games they report on. Their task is to help you, our dear readers, by providing unbiased insight into the games industry that will let you make informed decisions and grow your own knowledge of the most important developments in console and PC gaming.

Since we launched back in 2008, we’ve made it our goal to cover as many games and formats as humanly possible, while still being capable of turning out the quality articles and content you rightly expect from a professional business like ours.

- Game Debate.

We live in a wonderful time. Being limited to second hand adventure through characters in books and films is a thing of the past. Now we are the heroes. There are new voyages to experience, guilds to form and stories to be made – and there are millions of new friends out there to take the journey with us.

Gone are the days where gaming is a niche market.
From lowly beginnings the gaming world has grown to mass market appeal, with global sales and an inclusive audience. There really is something for everyone out there, regardless of age, gender or culture. The line between the movies and games is blurring too, as budgets increase and top-flight actors are appearing ever more frequently in games. Other entertainment mediums will have a tough job keeping up.

Your Rig
The games continue to pour in, the only problem is deciding what to play next. All PCs are not created equal, and there's nothing like the frustration of getting a much anticipated game back to Your Rig only to find that despite meeting requirements it still plays like porridge.

As Game-Debate steps onto the worldwide stage it will evolve into a user-controlled network. Take a look at the Gamer Profile page. As new tools are released you can pick and choose what is really important to you, allowing a personalised approach to what you're exposed to. Because the only person who knows what you really want to play is YOU.

You know what your current system is like under pressure, what genres you like in the gaming world, what new hardware upgrades you can afford to buy, and what really gets you going. Game-Debate takes this information and gives you only what you want to see. Love RTS but hate MMO? Game-Debate will feed your craving. Enjoy a particular series but not sure if the new sequel will run on last year's PC? We'll fill in the blanks for you. Your Gamer Profile will become your 'home page' for all the news, reviews, support and details that you identify as important.

And that is only the beginning. By tweaking your Gamer Profile you will become a source of the gaming network. The more you put into it, the more you and the rest of us get out of it. You can write reviews, tag your favourite fan sites, list your current favourite games, give them your own score or identify the best places to get the latest gossip. All of this will be filtered throughout our Gamer Brethren to those that want to hear it. The more you shout, the more the gaming world will listen. We could say that Game-Debate is 'a system built by gamers for gamers'. But that'd be a cheesy cliché…

We hope you enjoy Game-Debate and if you have an idea log in and let us know, maybe it can find its way into the site.