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 Grand Theft Auto III also known as GTA III and was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2001. This was the third release from the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA III was a great hit for all the gamers. This game is open world.


 The game takes place in Liberty City. You get to play as Claude in the game. Here is how the story goes through the game. Claude robbed the Liberty City Bank with his girlfriend (Catalina) and a male accomplice. When they escapes from the bank, Catalina shoots Claude. Claude survive that but he had been transferred to the jail. While he is transferring to the jail, This unknown vehicles come to kidnap an unrelated prisoner sets him free. After that with the help of a friendly escaped prisoner (8-Ball), Claude takes on work as a local thug. Whole story is related to gangsters. Game has levels in different varieties. This makes the game more fun and addicting.


Game is very challenging from the start to the end. When you play this game, you'll never get bored. In this game, you can walk around the city, kill people, jumping to the sea and dying (GTA III and Vice City exclusive), stealing cars from people, cop chases.


Overall rating is 10 because, great graphics compared to the time, great features through the game ( ex. "jumping to the sea and dying" ), Great storyline through the game, world is perfectly open.


 Worth trying this game. I would really recommend you to try this game. Buy it. If you are a open world fan, you should really try it.


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